Aline – Rocycle


From a young age dance has been an important part of Aline`s life. While in high school in the Hague, she attended the Institute of Performing Arts in Amsterdam. Even though she decided to study Biomedical Sciences and graduate in Science communication. She never let her passion for dance and sports get out off her sight. In 2017 Aline switched careers to focus on her drive and joy in life. As a pole dance teacher she loves to inspire and motivate people to be the best version of themselves. At Rocycle her rides are fun, energetic and challenging with some Caribbean flavor to it. Get ready for her favorite moves on the beats of Michael Jackson, Gregor Salto and some old school R&B.

Even when you fall

flat on your face,

you`re still moving


What is your favorite destination?
Corn Islands, Nicaragua

What was the best concert you attended?
Buraka son Sistema, Solar festival

What is your favorite juice/smoothie?
The Reset