Judith – Rocycle


With a smile and calm attitude, Judith started to work at Rocycle’s front desk as a studio assistant. What was her dream, you ask? To become a Rocycle Instructor! Now the dream has come true. She is ready to spread the happiness, coolness and fearlessness to anyone and everyone. When she is not on her Rocycle adventure, she is studying Sport Management and Business in Amsterdam. Judith’s love for music, entertaining, dancing and all things sport comes together at Rocycle. During Judith’s rides, there is always a moment to find your inner truth and your strongest self. She believes that the most important thing in life is to find your spirit and recognize and achieve your goals. Because if you believe in yourself, there is nothing you cannot do.

you have to start to believe, and then you’ll achieve and succeed.

What is your favorite destination?
I love London and New York. They are magical places.

What was the best concert you attended?
I’ve never been to a concert, so any invitations are welcome ;-).

What is your favourite juice or smoothie?
The Glow!