Roger K. – Rocycle
Roger K.

Roger K.

Roger is a die-hard traveller who finally landed in Amsterdam after criss-crossing the globe from Barcelona to Seville to Melbourne. During his studies at L.A.M.D.A. in London, he discovered the art of “creating” theatre instead of simply performing. After years of acting in theatre, commercials and tv series, you can now find him behind the camera in commercial and film production.

He never lost his love for the art of creation, and that is evident in his class buildup. It all starts with being present in the room physically and mentally, acknowledging the way you feel and evolving organically from there. If we create the right amount of energy in the room, all Ro’riders grow and little breakthroughs will happen. That’s the magical feeling after a hot and sweaty ride. Roger is a sucker for “world music,” so if you like Balkan beats, French hip-hop, African or Arabian influences, you booked the right class.

There is more power in unity than division.