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About us

We believe fitness should be fun

You have to love it

For us, movement is a way of life. It is how we stay healthy, happy, and energised. That is why we created Rocycle. We craved for a killer workout, that was also a damn good time. We are your ultimate health station, with three studios in Amsterdam and one opening up in Utrecht spring 2019. Walk inside and in just an hour, you’ll be completely revitalized, ready to take on anything. Your body will be fueled with endorphins. Your mind will be filled with bliss.

Rogier van Duyn

My story

A couple of years back I heard about the Damloop, a 16k run event in Amsterdam. At that time I thought it was ridiculous to run that many kilometers.

During my childhood I was obsessed with sports. I spent most of my days outside on tennis courts and hockey fields. I loved the competition and the sensation afterwards. Things started to change during my college years and early career. I quit playing tennis, did my share of partying, tried to make lots of money (which I was very unsuccessful at) and partied even more. One day I woke up feeling exhausted. It took me a while to figure out my lifestyle was out of control. Slowly I started to do sports again, did the Damloop, ran some marathons and finished the full distance IRONMAN triathlon in Nice. Inspired by the latest fitness trends and my motivation to do only something that I really love to do, I decided to develop a new fitness experience. In fall 2015 I put five indoor cycling bikes in my kitchen and with a bunch of friends we started to work on the Rocycle concept. Today we offer fun, energetic, 45 minute full body & mind workouts. Cardio, strength and motivational speech packaged in one single training.


Roxy van der Noordt

how i joined the story

At the end of 2015, I received an email out of the blue from a close friend of my brother. He asked If I wanted to join his start up, a new sports concept. At that time I was the General Manager of Spaces in London. The years before I made a career in the boutique hotel industry in London, representing hotels such as Ace Hotel and The Hoxton. I am all about hotels.

I really started to like that boutique fitness concept!

The guy from the email, who happened to be Rogier, shared his vision of building a boutique fitness concept with the service of a boutique hotel.  I really started to like that idea. And now I am here, back in Amsterdam, working as Rogier’s business partner.

Please try one of our classes and let us know what you think. We would love to hear your feedback and stories. Team Rocycle,

– Roxy and Rogier