FAQ indoor reopening – Rocycle

FAQ indoor reopening

The government has announced to loosen up certain measures as of June 5th. We expect that we can reopen our indoor studios for our signature group rides. You can book your bike as of June 5th now! Our reopening depends on the outcome of the press conference tomorrow May 28th. We are so ready to ride with you again!

When group classes are still not allowed, all booked spots will be automatically converted to audio classes. So you’ll keep your spot! 

You can of course cancel this if you prefer to save your credits for our group rides, within our 12-hour cancellation policy. 

Q: When will you reopen indoors?

A: If the Government allows us to, based on the press conference on May 28th, we will reopen our indoor studios for group classes on Saturday June 5th. 

Q: Will your changing rooms and showers reopen as well?

A: Yes, as of the 5th of June our changing rooms and showers will be available again at our Rocycle locations. We don’t offer these facilities at our clubs and outdoor locations.

Q: Are all studios reopening or only some of the locations?

A: All our studios, including our club locations (except De Marktkantine & Club Basis), in all cities will reopen on June 5th, when the measurements allow it. You can find our full schedule here

Q: What will happen with my booked spot when the reopening is not possible on June 5th?

A: All classes will automatically be transferred to audio rides. So you won’t lose your spot. You can always cancel the audio class if you prefer to save your credits for our official reopening, within our 12-hour cancellation policy. 

Q: How can I book a bike for the indoor rides?

A: You can book a spot via our website or our Rocycle app. Find our schedule here

Q: Do I need to have a special credit to book a bike?

A: No, you can use all our credits for our indoor classes. We do have a special Summer Strong package of 3 rides for €21. You can get it here

Q: What is the difference between the audio classes and the signature Ro’ride?

A: Currently, indoor group classes are not allowed. That’s why we offer audio on demand classes. You book a bike, to ride individually with your on demand classes. There is no instructor there to teach the class. On June 5th, we hope to be able to reopen for group classes again. Our signature Ro’rides are classes with an instructor to teach the class.  Ready more about our Audio classes here

Q: Will the outdoor locations also stay when the indoor studios reopen?

A: Yes, our outdoor classes at Strandzuid in Amsterdam and Peron E in Utrecht will continue. Our outdoor classes at Amsterdam City will stop, these classes will take place indoors. 

Q: What are the COVID-19 rules at the indoor locations?

A: You can find out all about how we keep things clean, healthy and happy at our indoor studios here

Q: Where can I find all the information about audio classes?

A: You can read more in our FAQ.