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FAQ Ro’bootcamp

What is a Ro’bootcamp class?

Our Ro’bootcamp is a 45 minutes outdoor class where we focus on training your strength, power and cardio on the rhythm of the music. The build of a Ro’bootcamp is comparable with a Rocycle Ride to keep that Ro´vibe we love so much. So the bootcamp is not a regular bootcamp class, but a Rocycle style workout. The instructor will guide and push you through your bootcamp and the class finishes with a cooling down. And of course there will be music which will not only boost, but also entertain you during these 45 minutes. 

How many credits does a Ro’bootcamp class cost?

1 Ro’bootcamp credit per class

Will there be a special Ro’bootcamp package?

Yes, we offer a Ro’bootcamp drop-in credit for the Ro’bootcamp classes.

Get the Ro’bootcamp drop-in credit here

The credit will expire in 1 month from the day you purchased the package. 

Can I book multiple spots for the Ro’bootcamp classes?

Yes, you can book up to 4 spots per class. 

I would like to use the credits left on my account, is this possible?

No, you can only use a Ro’bootcamp credit for the Ro’bootcamp classes. You can get the Ro’bootcamp drop-in credits here

Where are the outdoor Rocycle classes?

Our Ro’bootcamp classes take place outdoors at all Rocycle studios. 

Amsterdam City Centre: Vondelpark

Enter the Vondelpark by PC Hooftstraat 183. Follow the path for about 50m and turn left onto the grass field. Your Ro’bootcamp instructor will be awaiting you. 

From Mauritskade: Enter the Oosterpark by taking the entrance on the Mauritskade next to the KIT. When entering the park, head left towards the paddling pool (pierenbadje). Your Ro’bootcamp instructor will be
awaiting you in between the paddling pool and the music dome

From 1e van Swindenstraat: Enter the park next to NH tropen and head right across the bridge, your instructor will be waiting on the field to the right between the music dome and the paddling pool.

The Rotterdam City bootcamps take place in the Sint-Jacobs Park. Sint-Jacobs Park is in the conjunction of the Binnenrotte and Meent. Once you are on the Binnenrotte, go straight and you will see the green area and training location immediately.

What is the cancellation policy with bad or hot weather?

When it is raining you are able to cancel your class up to 2 hours before the class starts. Please first cancel your class and then send an email to hello@rocyclestudios.com to get your credit back.

When you do not cancel your class, or when you cancel after 2 hours before class starts, we have to charge you 1 credit. 

When the temperature is above 27 degrees the class will be cancelled because of the possibility of heat strokes. 

If the class is cancelled because of weather, you’ll get your credit back in your account. 

How do I book a Ro’bootcamp class? 

You can book all Ro’bootcamp classes via our app and the website

How do you take care of the COVID-19 measurements?

We have a health policy in place to keep things healthy and clean during our outdoor classes. Find our health policy here

What do I need to bring to the Ro’bootcamp classes?

Please bring your own mat, towel and bottle of water to the location.

What do I need to bring to the Ro’bootcamp classes?

Please come to the location already in your workout gear, there are no changing rooms or toilets available. Bring a filled bottle of water and bring your own towel. 

How do I check myself in for my bootcamp class at the location?

Please make sure you have downloaded the Rocycle app, so you can use the self check in function. You can download the app here: iPhone & Android.

Can I book the Ro’bootcamp classes on Classpass or Onefit?

Yes, the classes are also available on Classpass. 

Why is my favorite instructor not on the schedule?

Only our freelance instructors are scheduled. 

Will there be more classes available soon?

We have limited availability, when we add new classes, we will let you know in our weekly newsletter.