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FAQ 7x7x7 challenge

What is the 7x7x7 challenge?

Ride 7 times in 7 days for 7 euro per ride. 

Is there a special package available?

Yes. You can get 7 rides for €49.

Until when is this offer valid?

All credits expire 14 days after using the first credit.

From when till when will I be able to buy this offer?

Until June 14th.

Can I use this package for more than one person?

Possible but not preferable.

From when till when will I be able to use this offer?

From June 5th until July 3rd.

Can you purchase this challenge multiple times?

Yes, you can get the package up to 3 times per person.

Can you also join the challenge with Royoga?

Yes, you can also buy 7 flows for 7 euro per flow.