FAQ Summer Strong – Rocycle

FAQ Summer Strong

Please find below answers to all your questions about our Ro’outdoor classes. Can’t you find your question below? You can contact us at hello@rocyclestudios.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How many credits does a Rocycle class cost?

1 credit per ride

Where are the outdoor Rocycle classes?

Our Rocycle classes take place at two locations in Amsterdam and one in Utrecht



Can I park at Strandzuid?

Yes you can use the parking lot of Strandzuid at RAI Amsterdam for 4 euros per hour or get a day pass for 9 euros a day. 

Go in direction ‘Rai Parking’ and follow the traffic sign to P1. You can park your car. 

What is the cancellation policy with bad or hot weather?

When it is raining the outdoor sessions will be cancelled at Studio City. The classes at Strandzuid will continue until further notice.

When the temperature is above 27 degrees the class will be cancelled because of the possibility of heat strokes. 

If the class is cancelled because of weather, you’ll get your credit back in your account. 

How do I book a Ro’outdoor class? 

You can book all Rocycle and Rostrong classes via our app and the website. 



How do you take care of the COVID-19 measurements?

We have a health policy in place to keep things healthy and clean during our outdoor classes. Find our health policy here

What do I need to bring to the outdoor classes?

Please come to the location already in your workout gear, you can’t enter the changing rooms. Bring a bottle of water. At Strandzuid and Amsterdam City you have the possibility to refill your water bottle, but we do not sell water bottles. At Peron E you do not have the possibility to refill your water bottle, so please bring a filled water bottle.

We encourage you to bring your own cycling shoes, but this isn’t necessary. 

Will there be a special outdoor package?

Yes, we have a special Summer Strong package: 3 classes for €7 per ride. 

The package will expire in 2 months from the day you purchased the package. 



Until when can I buy this package?

Until June 7th.

Can I book multiple bikes with the Summer Strong package?

No, you can only book one spot per person. Every rider has to book their own spot. 

I would like to use the credits left on my account, is this possible?

Yes, you can use all credits for the Ro’outdoor classes. You do not need a special package. 

My credits are frozen, how will I be able to use these credits?

To unfreeze your credits, you can send an email to hello@rocyclestudios.com. Our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible. 

Until when will the Ro’outdoor classes be given?

Until further notice.

Are you planning on giving outdoor rides in Rotterdam as well?

We are on the lookout for outside locations in Rotterdam to give outdoor classes. Do you have any tips? You can contact us at hello@rocyclestudios.com.