Rocycle instructors Zuidas-34-min.original
Rocycle instructors Zuidas-34-min.original




Within a week of touching down at Schiphol, Ellie had booked her first Ro’ride. This bubbly Brit instantly loved the feeling you get when you step into the studio: confidence, challenge and community. Though she’s always been an athlete – netball, hockey, Tae Kwon Do, yoga – nothing made her love a good sweat as much as Rocycle.

Ellie’s playlists run the gamut from R & B to pop, but she’s really a rock girl at heart. As long as it’s got a serious beat, she’ll be raring to go. Her tunes will motivate you and boost your mood as you power through 8-games and killer sets of tap-backs. For Ellie, class isn’t just about the sweat; it’s about a moment for yourself, about meditation, connecting to your body and finding your strength. When you ride with Ellie, you’ll learn you’re capable of anything.

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