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Rocycle Intructors april 21st-29




Isa is someone who’s always followed her heart. She left a career in nursing, moved to Amsterdam and started over with a degree in communications. And found her way to Rocycle, of course. For Isa, Rocycle is more than just a workout; it was her saviour during Corona, it’s a place where she feels at home and it’s 45 minutes where she can let it all go and show the world what she’s made of.

When Isa’s tapping it back to a song she loves, she hardly notices she’s pushing her body, which is why she knows just how key a killer playlist is. Her vibes change from class to class, so you may get an R&B heavy ride one week and classics the next. But whatever the mood, Isa always makes it fun. Ride with Isa for push-ups in every shape and form, the perfect mix of motivation and support and the most fun you’ve had all week.

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