Babette – Rocycle


Babette brings her energy and joy to every Roride. She started as a rider herself, and her love for the workout and joyful community drove her to find the courage to lead the class. Babette’s background in dance, music and psychology translates into a high energy and motivational ride that will engage your entire being; mentally and physically. She encourages riders to get back up and try again, to train their minds to see the opportunities for growth and leave feeling accomplished and empowered to conquer their goals on the bike and in life. She believes that with a growth mindset, grit, time and effort you control your destiny.
Her playlists consist of Pop, R&B, Techno and here and there definitely some Beyonce. Music that drives you and allows yourself to be engulfed and immersed in the moment. Be prepared to level up.

No matter what.
We get back up.