TJ – Rocycle


Small but fearless, TJ was born and raised in a small village in Slovenia (with only 200 inhabitants!). Brought up in a world where dreams didn’t usually turn into reality, she decided to take things into her own hands and follow her heart. Passion for music and performing led her to The Netherlands, where she is currently finishing her BA studies in Jazz Singing at The Conservatory of Amsterdam. 

Ever since she was little, TJ has loved playing sports. After meeting Joey and being introduced to Rocycling, TJ was 100% hooked! To her, Rocycle is a place where dreams can become reality and where all the doubts, fear and insecurities are accepted. It’s a place for working hard, setting personal goals, having fun and building power and inner strength. A place of growth. 

TJ’s classes are always energetic, fun and intense. You can expect a great mix of pop, hip-hop and high energy techno music, as well as R&B and dance music.

Fears, doubts, and insecurities give us the power to achieve a dream!