Naomi – Rocycle


Though she lives in cold and drizzly Amsterdam now, she does have a bit of the tropics running through her veins. She lived in the Dominican Republic for two years before moving to Chile for two years, spending her time studying at the technological university ITLA. When she wasn’t studying, she would head out into the beautiful waves to surf or up into the mountains to longboard with her friends. After those four wonderful years of traveling, studying and enjoying nature and different cultures, she moved back to the Netherlands, to this beautiful city. Now, she focuses on making music videos for Spinning Records and commercials, as well as on graphic design, photography and downhill longboarding.

She wants to share all of these beautiful, powerful experiences during her rides, focusing on embracing an incredibly intense workout. In her classes, you can expect some underground techno, house, tropical beats and psytrance. Upbeat tracks are the name of the game for sure!

“Never let your goals rest. ‘til your good is better, and your better is the best.”