Anouk – Rocycle


Anouk is a true sports addict. Even when she’s teaching classes, she works out on a daily basis. Throughout the winter, you are likely to find her on her skis – skiing is her favourite sport – but in the summer you will definitely find her on her surfboard. When she’s not shredding waves or fresh powder, she loves to do a little bit of CrossFit. So be ready for a challenge because this girl likes to push everyone else as hard as she does herself. Anouk is also studying for her master’s degree, so you can probably tell this girl doesn’t like to sit still. When you’re in her class, you can expect lots of dumbbells and ‘feel good’ music. 

She wants to give her classes enough energy to rock the rest of the day. In sport Anouk believes in ‘mind over body.’ She knows you can do so much more than you think you can, if you put your mind to it. 

come and
ride with me!