Jana – Rocycle


Born in Haiti but raised in Germany, I came to the Netherlands a year ago, driven by my fervent curiosity. I wanted to explore another part of this beautiful world, learn another language and live as an expat.

When I’m not on the bike in the studio, I also work as a personal trainer, teaching Barre and House Dance. For me, music is life. I believe that music has the power to catch you, lift you up and carry you, if you let it. In my classes I strive to play music that enables you to lose yourself and motivates you to push a little further.

Come as you are. Don’t hold back on positive feelings; go inspire others! In my classes, we all sweat and fight to the same beat. This gives us the great power of unity, from which the strength you need for yourself can be drawn. No one is left behind.

Everything you need to grow you were already given!