Our Story – Rocycle
About us

We believe fitness should be fun

You have to love it

For us, movement is a way of life. It is how we stay healthy, happy, and energised. That is why we created Rocycle. We craved for a killer workout, that was also a damn good time. We are your ultimate health station, with studios in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Rotterdam. Walk inside and in just an hour, you’ll be completely revitalized, ready to take on anything. Your body will be fueled with endorphins. Your mind will be filled with bliss.

Rogier van Duyn (Founder & CEO)

My story

Throughout my childhood, I couldn’t get enough of sports, but things started to change as soon as I went to university. I quit playing tennis and field hockey, partied, attempted to make buckets of money (very unsuccessfully, I might add) and partied a bit more. One day, I woke up and realised that I was exhausted. It had taken me a while to understand my lifestyle was out of control, but the truth finally sank in. It was time for things to change.

Slowly but surely I picked sports back up, ran some marathons and finished the full IRONMAN triathlon in Nice. Inspired by my renewed passion for exercise, I decided to parlay this interest into a new career, finally

doing something that I really loved.

In the fall of 2015, we installed five indoor cycling bikes in my kitchen and, with the help of friends, began honing the Rocycle concept. Today, we offer fun, energetic, 45-minute full body and mind workouts. Cardio, strength and motivational speech wrapped up in one neat package.

Roxy van der Noordt (Co-founder & COO)

how i joined the story

Though I had kick-started my career in the hospitality industry overseas – Hoxton, Ace Hotel and Spaces – I wanted to move back to Amsterdam and was looking for a project. I wanted to build a team that stood for kindness, diversity, inclusion and, above all, excellence. I wanted to create a place where people want to be and always come back to.

When Rogier van Duyn pitched the original idea of Rocycle, I was easily persuaded and realized that this was the perfect opportunity to co-create

a high-end boutique fitness concept with a trademark hospitality service.

For me the opportunity to combine my passion for hospitality and to provide this ’boutique hotel’ style service in a fitness environment is what I love about what we do and what makes us unique. With Rogier’s experience as an entrepreneur and my operational expertise, we quickly developed a strong working relationship which has resulted in many successes – big and small -“

Please try one of our classes and let us know what you think. We would love to hear your feedback and stories. Team Rocycle,

– Roxy and Rogier