Royoga – Rocycle


About Royoga

Royoga is a unique sequence designed specially for Royoga studios. During Royoga, students will work on opening their shoulders and hips, stretching those strong legs and developing core strength and back flexibility. During class, students will move on their own, guided by teachers when necessary. You’ll definitely get a workout, but you’ll also experience supreme relaxation. It’s the best of both worlds. You’ll never get bored at Royoga, as each class is different. We like to keep you on your toes!

Move your body, focus your mind.

Type of classes


This is our signature Royoga class. A dynamic hot vinyasa yoga practice with music at a sweaty 36 degrees.

Ro’yoga slow

Want to slow things down? Ro’slow is the class for you. Roslow is slow pace vinyasa with milder heat (34 degrees). During class, students are fully guided by the teacher, with detailed instructions to help yoga beginners.

Ro’yoga stretch

Our Rostretch class is a yin yoga practice with lower heat (28 degrees). The relaxing flow leads you through stretches designed to release the tension of the day and ease your mind. The teacher will help you lengthen your muscles and relax. It can be a great introduction to meditation.

The Music

Music is our mantra. During each class a unique playlist will be handpicked by your instructor. Just like our workouts the music is a unique sequence designed specially for Royoga studios. From traditional yoga tunes to deep house and electronic to pop, hip-hop, and rock ‘n’ roll. Feel the chills from each song, let the beats lift you up and get carried away by the energy of the tracks. Check out our Spotify for some sound-spiration.


Meet the instructors

Naturally, we have a fantastic team of instructors, so you can always find someone you love to flow with. Be on the lookout for instructors with motivational talks, or you can work on those Downward Dogs with these technical yogies in the team. Whoever you choose, you’re going to love it. Meet our favorite yogies here.

Feel your body, feel your breath. Move, sweat, stretch.

The complete package

As with everything we do here at Rocycle, we are dedicated to bringing you the very best experience possible. That of course means we’ve got top of the line equipment – think Lululemon yoga mats and Zenology care products– and aim to help you get the most out of whatever workout you’re doing. Plus, you can treat yourself to an energizing cup of coffee after class. What more could you ask for?!  Find out everything you need to know before your Ro’flows on our homepage.


Besides our sweaty Royoga studio you can also find our signiture Rocycle studio inside.  We love to combine a Rocycle session with a Royoga flow to help our muscles lean out and loosen up, but it’s also nice to switch it up day by day if you’re short on time and can’t fit in both at once.