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50 ways to brighten someone’s day


This Wednesday is a very important day, World Mental Health Day. This year, World Mental Health Day is focusing on young people and mental health in a changing world, something that I am sure all of us can relate to. There is so much pressure today that life can often feel overwhelming, but it’s important to remember that it’s totally ok to have a bad day! After all, everyone has them.

We want to make sure that we are all standing together, on this day and every other day, as we are only as strong as we are together. So, we’ve got a list of 50 ways to cheer someone up when they need a smile (you can also try these out when you’re feeling down!). Their oxytocin, endorphins, dopamine and serotonin will all be boosted with these easy tips.

  1. #1. Turn the music up and have a dance party with them. This will take their mind off things and help release tension.
  2. #2. Go for a 20-minute stroll with them. Even if the weather isn’t great, fresh air and sunshine cure all, boosting vitamin D and serotonin.
  3. #3. Bring them a bar of dark chocolate. It reduces cortisol and releases endorphins and serotonin!
  4. #4. Try word associations. Play a game with them where you say words like “happiness” and have them say five words that spring to mind. The activity of priming will eventually help them feel the emotions you’re discussing.
  5. #5. Make them fresh-squeezed OJ. You’ll be helping them get their vitamins, and the care and attention of hand-squeezing will make them feel loved.
  6. #6. Make them a soothing Spotify playlist. Sweet, calming music will help them relax and feel more peaceful.
  7. #7. Treat them with fruits and veggies rather than carbs. Though we love comfort foods, they may block serotonin and make your loved one feel sluggish. Take them apple picking and enjoy the fruits of your labour together.
  8. #8. Go barefoot together. Grounding, or reconnecting with nature’s electrons, helps promote sleep and reduce anxiety.
  9. #9. Whip up a homemade curry for them. Turmeric – a common curry ingredient – and vegetables’ fibre help regulate serotonin. Plus they’ll feel loved and taken care of!
  10. #10. Go for surf ‘n’ turf together. The Omega-3s and tryptophan in the fish and meat both trigger serotonin. Slicing into a juicy steak may also be a good outlet for a bit of aggression.
  11. #11. Get stretchy. Take your loved one to a yoga class, as deep stretching releases muscle tightness caused by stress.
  12. #12. Take them to a pottery class. Working with their hands will engage their mind, and they will have the satisfaction of creating something.
  13. #13. Send them flowers. Our brains see flowers as a sign of safety and loved ones.
  14. #14. Help them with crafting a gratitude sandwich. No, not a real sandwich. Ask them to sandwich one bad thing between two good ones in their life. This will help them see that there are always some positive things!
  15. #15. Challenge them to a game of scrabble. Critical thinking boosts cognitive function and can help remove the brain fog that comes with sadness.
  16. #16. Hunker down and help them clean. A tidy space helps achieve a tidy mind.
  17. #17. Take them shopping. It needn’t be expensive, but a little trinket that sparks joy can make an immense difference.
  18. #18. Pot a plant with them. The light movement practice and connection with nature will brighten their mood.
  19. #19. Help them get some good sleep. Part of their sadness could be because they’re low on dopamine and sleep, so bring them an eye mask and some valerian tea.
  20. #20. Take them to a Rocycle class. The healthy competition of cycling next to each other will give them a mood boost. They’ll also burn off stress, detoxify and increase dopamine and endorphin levels.
  21. #21. Join them for that activity they’ve been ruminating on for ages. Hit the movies, check out the museum. Whatever it is, they’ll appreciate knowing you listen to them and care about their happiness.
  22. #22. Meditate with them for 10 minutes. This will help them create quiet and take their mind off of what’s making them upset.
  23. #23. Take them to their favourite spot. Head to the place that they love and sit beside them. They’ll feel your support.
  24. #24. Smash some plates. It may sound crazy, but smashing some old plates or bottles will help them get out their anger.
  25. #25. Let them punch it out. Don’t let them punch you, but heading to a boxing class will let them release their negative emotions in a healthy way.
  26. #26. Take 10 deep breaths with them. This will help them collect their thoughts, release toxins and centre themselves.
  27. #27. Fake laugh. It sounds silly, but even therapists recommend laughing homework to feel better. Eventually they’ll probably laugh for real.
  28. #28. Go out for Thai food with them. The capsaicin in the chilies activates pain sensory in their brain and will trigger it to produce endorphins.
  29. #29. Switch on a rom-com you both love. Laughing is probably nature’s best pain-coping mechanism.
  30. #30. Head out to happy hour with them. But keep it to one or two drinks, as alcohol can be a depressant.
  31. #31. Encourage them to let it all out. Venting is a powerful stress reliever. Give them a time limit and then move to more positive topics after.
  32. #32. Bring them to an acupuncture session. Specific trigger points on the body release endorphins, tension, pain and stress.
  33. #33. Do your best to make them laugh. Whether it’s impersonating that teacher you both hated or joining the Ministry of Silly Walks, being a bit goofy will help them get their mind off their troubles.
  34. #34. Give them a shoulder to cry on. Bottling up feelings leads to chronic stress, so support your loved one and allow them to feel comfortable enough to cry in your presence.
  35. #35. Turn their bathroom into an at home spa. Draw them a warm bath and light a calming candle to help reduce their stress, anxiety and depression by up to 25%.
  36. #36. Yell out what you love about them. List everything you love about your friend at the top of your lungs. Eventually they’ll crack a smile!
  37. #37. Don’t hesitate to shoot them that text. You can cheer someone up even when you’re not nearby. Just let them know you’re thinking of them.
  38. #38. Treat them to a real spa day. A gift certificate to the spa will help them ease their tension and relax.
  39. #39. Invite them over for a reading day. Studies show that reading boosts happiness 21% more than watching TV. When their mind is engaged, they won’t have time to dedicate as much energy to their sadness.
  40. #40. Bring them for a walk with your dog. Or take them to the dog park! Studies show that petting animals releases oxytocin, serotonin and prolactin.
  41. #41. Bring over coffee and pastries in the morning. A little treat makes anyone’s day brighter.
  42. #42. Take them on a roller coaster. Not only will you create a bond with them by enjoying this together, boosting oxytocin, but you will also help them release endorphins and adrenaline.
  43. #43. Ask questions that encourage them to open up. This will remind them that you genuinely care about them and what’s going on in their life.
  44. #44. Brew them a steaming cup of tea. Studies show that warm drinks mimic the warmth of human touch and will help bring out warm, fuzzy feelings.
  45. #45. Leave them a love note. They’ll feel the loving effects of oxytocin when they read your sweet words.
  46. #46. Send them your favourite cute cat video. Just seeing a sweet animal or baby will help their brain react as if they were with them.
  47. #47. Go volunteer together. Finding something that helps them connect with others will make them feel accomplished and have positive feelings about the world around them.
  48. #48. Have a competition to see who can do more random acts of kindness. Helping others feels good and boosts your mood!
  49. #49. Show empathy not sympathy. This will help them really feel understood. They’ll know you’re truly listening.
  50. #50. Give them a big hug or kiss. Sometimes, words just aren’t enough. A big embrace will release oxytocin in their brain and decrease stress through human contact.



Oh, and if you need more inspiration, Rowen is taking over the Instagram Stories this Wednesday. Feel free to ask her anything! That’s it for now, see you on the bike x


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