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Support your locals.


No one can deny that we are in the midst of quite dark times. People getting sick, experiencing loneliness because of isolation and fearing for their futures. In all of this chaos, the wonderful, entrepreneurial small businesses that serve as endless inspiration for us here at Rocycle are in crisis too. Many (like us!) have been forced to close, and others are hanging on by a thread, adapting to this crazy new world. 

But despite all of the darkness, there is a lot of light. People are rising up, supporting each other and standing together. People are seeking joy in small and unusual ways, and we are so thrilled to see that. 

So what do we need to do? Support the businesses we love in any way we can. Because we want to ensure they’re still there when all of this is over. To help you do it too, we’ve got a few tips. Remember: we’re all in this together!

  1. #1. Order a gift card for your favourite spots to use when things are a little less like the Wild West. Future you will thank you!

  1. #2. Reach out to elderly neighbours and pick up groceries or prescriptions for them. They may not be able to leave the house and are at higher risk if they do.

  1. #3. Send letters to friends who live alone! You can also FaceTime them or chat on Houseparty, but there’s something so special and heartwarming about receiving a hand-written note.

  1. #4. Donate to existing non-profits that support small businesses.

  1. #5. Give your number to older neighbours who might be lonely and let them know you’re available to them, even if just for a chat and not for help. 

  1. #6. Buy merch! And post a photo of it on Instagram to show your support. Everyone will see how cool you look in those Ro’tights and order a pair for themselves.

  1. #7. Donate blood if you can.

  1. #8. Order takeout or delivery from the restaurants and cafes you normally go to. Spots like Rijsel, Café Binnenvisser and RIJKS are all available for delivery. How cool is that? A gourmet meal in the comfort of your living room without having to lift a finger? Sign us up!

  1. #9. Buy products from the places you love online. That could be luxurious products from the spa so you can indulge in some self-care or really anything that strikes your fancy. Just support where you can!

  1. #10. Safely drop off food for people in quarantine.

  1. #11. Buy a bag of coffee! There are so many lovely cafes in Amsterdam that we’ll all desperately need once we return to our offices, so stock up on beans in the meantime. Help keep their doors open.

  1. #12. Become a volunteer crisis counsellor for Crisis Text Line. You can do it from home! These are distressing times, so there are likely to be more people in emotional distress. Be an understanding ear.

  1. #13. Give money to a relief fund

When we stand up and stand together, we can truly make a difference. No gesture is too small. Do you have any ideas for us? We’re all ears. And, as ever, we are here for you. Tune in to #RoDaily for a little bit of joy each and every day.


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