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A message from Ro


The past months we worked hard on improving our business in general. We reached out to many of you and asked what we could do better. What is it what you like about our business, our workout, instructors and what makes you come back.  After collecting and analyzing all the research data we started to work on improving the Rocycle workout. We increased intensity and started to focus more on motivational speech. And we realize this is an ongoing project, we will never end this. But for now we are incredibly proud of where we stand.  And so are our instructors. They realize they are part of something bigger than just the workout. In the next months to come we will keep on working on more new stuff, new challenges, new campaigns and in May we will be re-launching our most intense ride, the RO’BOX.

The current marketing landscape is very noisy so say the least. Everyone is screaming for customers attention. And in order to get that attention and keep it, we need to be very clear in what we want people to know about us. For us that means that we are not going to talk about burning calories, getting shred, getting that six pack or losing weight. 

So where do we fit? We are not just your high intensity workout (although we do that probably better than almost everyone else in the industry 😉 Rocycle is more than that. Our core value is that we believe a workout should help you build a strong spirit. People with strong spirits can make the difference in their own personal life. And sometimes they are the ones that change the world. Being the start up company we still are we could not have developed this core value in our first days or months of existence. It took us 2 years to get to this stage. 

We started to work on a way to communicate this. It is something that you haven’t seen from us before. It is different from everything else you have experienced in our Instagram feed or what you have read on our website Stories. The theme of the campaign is ‘Get Fired Up. Ready To Go.’ It is about the fact that the harder you work in our studios, the happier, more energized, grounded and stronger you feel walking out. We get you fired up to take on the challenges you face in your daily life. It touches the soul of our brand. Watch the full brand movie here.

Rogier van Duyn

From left to right:
Rogier van Duyn, Sofie Bennekers (Branding Rocycle), Yalda Bagher (Director), Andrea Casetti (D.O.P), Guido Maat (Sound).

Brandmovie credits: 
Director: Yalda Bagher
Producer: Doenja Coolen
D.O.P.: Andrea Casetti assisted by Jasper de Lange
Lights: Max Westerdorp
Styling in collaboration with Lululemon: Sammie Straub
Hair & Make up: Joyce Clerkx assisted by Jodie Geskus
Edit: Yalda Bagher & Andrea Casetti
Sound: Guido Maat


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