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A Summer Well Spent


 Dear Ro’readers,

Summers are a period to travel, unwind, spend time with our loved ones and get some head space. This summer I traveled to the East Coast of America, visiting friends in Miami and travelling all the way up to the End of the World, to a place called Montauk. I loved every minute spent in this old surfer’s village where New Yorkers travel to hang out at the trendy Surf Lodge where artists like Lauren Hill and Andersson Pak often perform. On weekdays, time slowed down. I did little more than surf, sleep and read on beautiful, quiet beaches. During my road trip, I read two intriguing books about the history of humans and our future, if we have any, called Sapiens and Homo Deus, both written by Harari. In the mean time, we did not stand still at Rocycle.

Most of you noticed that we sent out a survey to all of you this summer. We wanted to learn more about how you feel about the services we offer. From the moment we opened our first studio, we have been keen to offer the best possible service to our clients. For us, this meant including everything in the price of a class. The ride, the water, the shoes and extras like the workout towels, bath towels and shower products. One total package without any additional charges.

What stood out in the survey results was that you love Rocycle, want to ride more often but some find our prices too step for that. On top of that many of you are conflicted about the bottles of water we provide. Whilst you love the convenience of it, we received a lot of feedback about the concern over the impact of the plastic bottles on our environment. We hear you! And now, the moment is here to show we care about our planet as much as our clients. We have decided to stop giving out free water and we will offer you a better deal. A deal that gives you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite workout more often. We wouldn’t be Rocycle without that, right? As of today, all of our package prices will be reduced by €6, and a bottle of Spa will cost €2, though we encourage you to bring your own bottle! We have plenty of water taps for you to refill your bottle before or after your ride.

What else is new? You are here – our newly launched blog with fresh, weekly articles categorized by MIND, BODY and MUSIC. I would love to receive any feedback on our first pubished articles. Please let me know at rogier@rocyclestudios.com

How did you spend your summer?


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