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A Walk Down Memory Lane


Although every year is unique and important, we think that 2019 was one of the greatest, most significant years yet. We worked hard; we played harder. We laughed, we sweated, we may have shed a tear or two and we turned each and every workout into a party. The word ‘rollercoaster’ doesn’t even cover it.

With 2020 – both a new year and a new decade – just around the corner, we’re pretty giddy with anticipation. But just because we’re looking forward doesn’t mean we also aren’t reminiscing and ruminating on what 2019 has meant for us. It’s essential that we all reflect on all of the momentous occasions that made this year one for the history books. So, without further ado, let’s take a little stroll down memory lane!

We opened up a gorgeous new studio in Oost.

We found not just ourselves but a community too.

We learned to show ourselves a little love.

We transformed date nights into date rides.

We sent hangovers packing.

We decided the best lunch was made of pyramids and tapbacks.

We smashed 200 Ro’rides in under two years.

We aimed for positive vibes, no matter what was happening around us.

We brought the party to Utrecht.

We committed.

We started imagining how our daily playlists could become Ro’ playlists.

We overcame adversity and became stronger for it.

We got fired up.


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