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Back to Work: Killer Careers


Though we can hardly believe it ourselves, it’s already September. And you know what that means: back to work! Even if you’re not in school, there’s something exciting about the transition from summer to fall. There always seems to be this sense of new beginnings. 

And with our summer holidays behind us – unless you’re particularly lucky – we figured it’s about time we get down to business. All of you kick a** every single time you step into the studio. You give it your all and invest fully in those 45 minutes. And after talking to many of you outside of class, it sounds like you guys are just as impressive when you’re not in the studio as well.

In honour of back to work season, we are sitting down with a few of our riders with particularly killer careers to find out how the heck they get it all done. This week, we had the pleasure of chatting with Anna, a Ro’regular and a high-powered lawyer. Want to know what it’s like to lay down the law in all things? Well, keep reading!

Hi Anna! We are so impressed with everything you do and want to share it all with our readers. Can you introduce yourself? 

My name is Anna, I am 31 years old and live with my boyfriend in Amsterdam. I am a lawyer and work close to Rocycle Zuidas, which is very handy. I was born and raised in Rotterdam and have lived in Amsterdam for more than 8 years now. After college, lots of my friends moved to Amsterdam, and Amsterdam was also the city where I found my job. The choice to move to Amsterdam – which is also a great city – was quite easy.

Sounds like it was fate! Was it also fate you came to Rocycle?

A friend, also a lawyer, told me about Rocycle. At first, I thought spinning would not be a sport for me. However, after the first class, I was addicted. It is easy to combine with work, and after class, I always have a positive vibe and have the feeling that I worked out quite intensely. 

Speaking of intense, would you be able to tell us what your job is like? What does a typical day look like for you?

As a lawyer, I assist big companies with all aspects of employment law. Most of the time, I am behind my desk calling and emailing to help clients solve their problems. 

We can imagine it gets quite busy! When it feels overwhelming, how do you manage the stress?

I manage stress by continuing to work out (i.e. Rocycle), eat healthy and try to sleep normal hours. I really feel it if I don’t work out. Working out for me is most important for keeping healthy. 

Because exercise is so important to you, you must put a lot of effort into fitting it in. How do you ensure you exercise consistently? 

Every Sunday I schedule my days/times to exercise, so I plan workouts in advance. This really helps. 

That sounds very effective and efficient. We’re impressed! We obviously love music here at Rocycle and find it is a great way to relieve stress. Do you think music is important for exercise? What music helps you get stress out?

Yes, that is one reason why I love Rocycle. Music is a factor that really has an influence on how I feel. I prefer techno music with African influences or Reggeaton. 

Oooh we feel a theme ride coming up! Do you have a favourite healthy hotspot in Amsterdam to help keep things running smoothly? 

Close to my house you will find ‘Coffee & Juices,’ which sells awesome juices that boost your energy. 

We will have to check it out! What’s something most people don’t know about you?

When I was young, I played soccer at the highest level for girls, practicing around 6 times a week.

That’s pretty damn impressive. Alright, we have to ask: what does Rocycle mean to you? 

A lot! By Rocycling I start my day happy and already worked out before the hectic days start. What more could you want!


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