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Chantal’s Gym Bag Sneak Peek


Not too long ago, we had the pleasure of bringing on a wonderful new instructor, Chantal. We don’t know about you, but we’ve been aching to know more. More about our amazing Singapore transplant who loves nothing more than combining creativity with physical movement. She’s pretty perfect for Rocycle, if you ask us. So today, we’ve got a behind the scenes look for you, a sneak peek into what Chantal has squirreled away in her gym bag.

Hi Chantal! It was so much fun taking a peek into your gym kit essentials. Your bag itself is pretty cool and caught our eye immediately. Can you tell us more about it?

It’s a special bag, and the one I carry with me most often when I work out, particularly when I teach at Rocycle. I’ve had it for three years. All of the bags made by Ethnotek are handmade in little villages in Ghana, Guatemala, India, Indonesia and Vietnam. The proceeds from each bag help fund the continuation of art embroidery in these countries.

Wow! We love that initiative. Getting fit and giving back. Right up our alley! There seems to be a nice collection of workout gear. Talk us through that?

I always keep an extra sports bra and a pair of socks in my bag because I get soaked with sweat. I also toss a summer-weight sweater inside just in case it suddenly gets cold. Like it does very often! There’s also a pair of Nike gloves that I’ve had for five years. They smell, but they do the job hahaha!

If they work, they work. No complaints here. Wait a minute. Is that an iPad??

Yes, my iPad!!! I bring this with me everywhere I go because I love to draw. Usually before or after class, if I have the time, I’ll sit in a café and just draw and design. It’s also great to have an overview of my music and playlists for class . 

Sounds like you’re prepared for just about everything. What about snacks? Are you prepared to battle hunger at a moment’s notice?

In terms of food, I always have either granola bars or bananas with me. I get hungry all the time… I also keep a water bottle with me to keep me hydrated!

Mmmm snacks! And is that candy we spy? Or breath mints for cheeky kisses?

They’re Strepsils! I keep them in my bag in case I suddenly have a scratchy throat. I do scream a lot when I teach… Hahaha! 

Always bringing that energy. We can’t get enough of it! Now we think we’ve covered most of the obvious things in your bag, but what about the random bits and bobs that you just can’t seem to live without?

I’ve always got hair ties, strangely an Allan key, random coins, sunglasses and 3 pens, haha. I’ve got my keys on an elephant keychain (my favourite animal) and a Heineken bottle opener because who knows when you’ll need one . I also always have my Victorinox Swiss Army knife with me! It always comes in handy, and it has everything on it! Scissors, knives, tweezers, wine bottle opener. It’s the best tool!


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