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What ro’s around …comes around, right? In this sense, November at Rocycle is all about giving back, feeling gratitude and spreading kindness. In the spirit of thanksgiving, our favourite expression of gratitude at Rocycle is (as is of many things) riding our way through it, while donating to the charities so dear to the hearts of our incredible instructors. 

Join the Charity Rides and we will donate 5 Euro per rider.


Carla will lead a charity ride for Impact Lebanon, an organisation whose founders she knows personally and which has been helping the Lebanese population hugely over the past few years. Since her friends and family live in the country that has been suffering for a long time, and even more since the explosions in Beirut, it is a very meaningful cause for her. 

Nienke wants us to get powerfully moving on our bikes for Movement on the Ground – Camp Moria. The charity is running projects in the refugee camps of Lesvos and Samos, trying to unlock the power and potential of refugees by improving their living conditions, maximizing their skills and increasing their connection to their community in Greece. 

Power lady Babette is going to lead a charity ride for Stichting Zwerfjongeren Nederland, giving back to our young community right here in Amsterdam. Her chosen foundation helps to improve the situation of homeless young people and more importantly, tries to prevent homelessness from happening in the first place. 

Maickel will increase your heartbeats for our fellow sports lovers at Running Blind Amsterdam, who ensure people with a visual disability can follow their passion for running and participate in marathons as well as competitions, no matter what. 


Our lovely Ro’Rider Alicia can’t stand still, when it comes to helping such an important cultural center as The Black Archives, which offers important educational books, inspiring conversations and activities from black and other often underexposed perspectives. 

Lidia dedicates her charity ride to the independent youth campaign Kafe be Kafak and the Red Cross Lebanon, who both help families in need all over Lebanon, but especially in Beirut. 


Ro’Heroe Valentina wants to make a real difference in this world with Plan International, a charity aiming to advance children’s rights and gender equality while giving them access to education. 

Eline will practice gratitude with you in her yoga class by giving back to our Rotterdam community. Her chosen organization Niet Graag Een Lege Maag makes sandwiches for children, whose parents can’t afford sending them off to school with a meal. 

Feeling full of gratitude and ready to express it by giving something back? Let’s make a positive difference TOGETHER as Ro’fam and say thank you! Support our instructors’ beautiful causes by booking your bike for the next charity ride of your choice! — Because every single one of you count. 


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