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Countdown to Summer


As Alice Cooper once sang, school’s out for summer. And even if you’re not still in school (if you are, we really envy you!), summer still feels a bit like an extended vacation. The days stretch long past the end of the work day, thanks to the sun, and the warmer weather lures us outside at our lunch hour.

Maybe we take an extra 30 minutes to picnic in the park. Maybe we walk to work in the mornings. Maybe we’re in the midst of tackling the Summer Strong Challenge. But whatever we do, there’s a consensus. We are all ready to welcome summer with open arms. Don’t you agree? Good. Now here are our favorite ways to countdown to summer. We can’t wait.

#1. Pick up some seasonal flowers from your local florist. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, head out to the park or the Amsterdamse bos to pick your own bouquet.

#2. Whip up a fresh meal with fruit and vegetables that are at the market. Forget Albert Heijn this time of year. Pop by the Noordermarkt or one of the other outdoor markets to pick up the best seasonal produce. Make a bright, refreshing salad to welcome the season.

#3. Throw open your windows. This way you can let the warm, green spring air circulate through your home, refreshing everything. Most people tend to keep their windows closed throughout the (very long) Dutch winter. Once the weather has turned for good, it’s the best way to countdown to summer

#4. Spend your evenings outside. Up until now, most of us probably came straight home from work and cosied up on the sofa for a Netflix marathon. But now that summer is on its way, we want to encourage you to head outside. Whether it’s a bike ride to the East or a walk around the Vondelpark, just make sure you make the most of your days.

#5. Buy sunscreen! You may think you don’t need it here in The Netherlands, but trust us. You do! Grab a bottle or two so you can soak up the rays without fear of damaging your skin.

#6. Enjoy an early sunrise. Even if you’re not a morning person, we promise it will make your day infinitely better to rise with the sun. At least once! Head to that 6 A.M. class at Rocycle City Centre and watch the sun bathing the city in the most beautiful light you’ve ever seen.

#7. Create a goal list. This doesn’t have to be anything too crazy, but we like to set a nice, manageable list of goals for summer. This could be cleaning your house, riding every single week or spending more time with friends. Anything goes. And that way, you’ll feel accomplished at the end of summer.

#8. Chill out. Don’t get us wrong. We’re all about packing as much as possible into the glorious days of summer, but we want you to remember it’s just as important to take time for yourself. Do as much as feels right for you, and revel in the small, peaceful moments. They’re just for you!




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