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Dates from Hell


Bad dates. We’ve all had them, haven’t we? From that girl who chews loudly with her mouth open, to the no-shows to the ones who take you to meet their parents the first time you hang out, the possibilities are endless. After all, as Tolstoy said, good dates are all alike; every bad date is bad in its own way. Or something like that, right??

Though they may seem to exist on another, higher plane, it turns out instructors are just like us. Even they have bad dates! In honour of Valentine’s Day, the day of love, our instructors are sharing their worst dates ever. Keep reading to watch the disasters unfold.

Daphne: So I had a date with a guy I talked to on Happn. And in his photo, he looked really cute, and our conversations were quite fun, so I decided to meet up with him. He told me he would pick me up with his scooter at my house. Great! He texted me that he was at my house, so I walked downstairs and opened the door. There he was on his scooter, looking exactly like the guy in the picture. Even better actually! I walked to him, introduced myself and then he started talking. It was the highest-pitched, squeakiest voice I had ever heard! It really killed it for me, and it was a though date to get through!

Dennis: My worst date ever never really happened. As in the worst dates I had were the ones where I got stood up. One time I was meeting a guy in Groningen where I lived during college. We were supposed to meet up in the centre of the city to have a coffee because I didn’t have that much time that day. So I stood there when we had agreed to meet, but no one was there. So I waited for 10 minutes, and still no one was there. Then I messaged him, and he replied, “Oh shit I thought we were supposed to meet in an hour! I can be there in 30 minutes.” But I couldn’t wait that long because I had to work. So the date never happened. 

Another story is when I was meeting a guy that I matched with on Tinder. We exchanged numbers and made a plan to meet in Rotterdam at Central Station. So on the day of the date I went by train from Amsterdam to Rotterdam. I was a little bit early, so I texted him that I was already sitting at the station but that he could take his time. After 10 minutes or so he hadn’t replied, and I was still sitting there. 15 minutes later, I texted him to see where he was. No response. I called him and immediately got his voicemail. I waited another 15 minutes to take the next train to Amsterdam and called him again. No response, and no one showed up. So I went back to Amsterdam. When I was back home (two hours after I left Rotterdam), I got a text saying that he overslept and that his phone died.

Alex: I have been married for almost 20 years, so I can’t even remember a bad date.

Tiela: In my first few years of dance school, I used to go out every weekend and hit Soho in London. I was behaved and practically virginal, but dancers know how to party. Anywho… at the end of one of these nights I saw a handsome guy right before lights came up, got his number and left with my friends. Waking up very intrigued to see whose number I’d taken, I dropped him a message. Turns out we’d spoken briefly before so said we’d meet up for a drink. I turned up (ok being a bit superficial here) and actually walked past my actual date, as the image in my head was different from the reality. I fully tried to see past the fact I’d drunkenly catfished my own perception of a man. Tried to see through the fact there was zero sexual chemistry and that the chemistry we had had at the time was clearly alcohol-induced. He was even Australian, and I had no idea haha. All in all, hand palm to face! Now I’m sober 😉 just kidding!

So tell us. What was your worst date ever?


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