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Digital detox


So you’ve detoxed your diet, but what about that pesky brain?

Are you picturing all kinds of spooky science fiction contraptions? Wires coming off your head? Futuristic procedures to help you clear your mind? Don’t fret. All it really takes is a digital detox. So unplug, take a breath and get ready to feel balanced, in control and refreshed for all that 2018 has in store.

These days, most of us are rarely more than an arm’s length from iPhones, Kindles, laptops, whatever. Come on, take a look around you. Spot at least one device? You’re not alone.

While technology has undoubtedly made our lives easier, from helping us book our Ro’rides to keeping in touch with faraway friends, it has a darker side that has begun to reveal itself. Many surveys and studies have shown that there is a correlation between technology and debilitating conditions like depression and anxiety. What may seem like a simple scroll through your Instagram feed to check your latest tags can leave you feeling down, comparing yourself to the unrealistic standards set by influencers.

So, in aid of our quest to become better, happier versions of ourselves this year, we are going to undertake a digital detox. We’re not suggesting you throw your phone into the canal (though if you can survive without it, we’re terribly impressed!), so we’ve laid out a list of tips to help you unplug, if only a little!

  1. #1. Disable push notifications.

One of the easiest ways to reduce your dependency is to disable the push notifications. When your phone isn’t constantly lighting up with each Snapchat you receive, you’ll be less likely to compulsively check what’s happening on there.

  1. #2. When you’re working out, go airplane.

No, this isn’t some crazy new yoga pose. We mean airplane mode! This means that you can still listen to a motivating playlist or inspiring podcast while you push through that last kilometre. Instead of focusing on your Tinder matches, you can focus on your workout. Your abs will thank you!

  1. #3. Buy an alarm clock.

An alarm clock? What’s that?! You may have forgotten what an old fashioned clock looks like, but making the effort to replace your phone’s alarm will make a huge difference. This gives you distance from technology and social media when you wake up in the morning. After all, you don’t want to invite everyone on your phone into bed with you!

  1. #4. Prepare for temptation.

Temptation will strike. It’s inevitable! But if you’re prepared, you might just be able to avoid it. Have a book handy or a mantra stored away in the back of your brain, ready to whip out when your fingers start itching to scroll. Replacing the compulsive behaviour with something more productive will help you stick to your plan as well as achieve other goals.

  1. #5. Power off, gradually.

Practice makes perfect. Once you start to feel like you’re mastering the other steps, try and power off completely for half a day. While it may seem an impossible task, we know you can do it!



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