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Donna’s Gym Bag Sneak Peek


Not too long ago, we got an exclusive view into what Donna’s got stashed away in her fridge. We don’t know about you, but it left us hungry. Hungry for all the delicious things she had inside and hungry for more info about our lovely Dutch instructor who has been with us since the start. So today, we’ve got a follow-up for you, a sneak peek into what Donna has squirreled away in her gym bag.

Hi Donna! It was so much fun taking a peek into your gym kit essentials. We notice a lot of lovely skincare in your bag. Can you walk us through your routine?

I have a little skincare product fetish… I just looove nice oils and creams, always have. They smell nice, are good for my skin and are much better than using makeup. Sometimes I use the Clinique face scrub, but not every day. The big sunscreen is for my body and the small one for my face. Skinfood is good for everything, but my post-ride tip for the girls is that it keeps your B-E-A-utiful booty silky soft.

We never thought about that! Duly noted. There’s a banana and some sort of energy bar. Is this your usual post/pre-ride refuel?

They’re actually super boring Dutch “Bolletje” crackers, but I mostly just eat a banana prior to my ride, drink a nice juice or shake afterwards and then go for a coffee.

We can imagine that energy jolt is very necessary after one of your killer classes. Is that Vita Coco coconut oil? What do you use it for?

Literally for anything. For your hair (just in the tips though, otherwise you end up looking like a grease ball), as a body moisturizer, for your lips and even as a super nice scrub when you add sugar to it!

No wonder you’re always glowing. We spy lots of Nike. Is this your go-to gear brand?

Yes, mostly Nike and Lululemon. It’s sustainable – doesn’t look bad after washing a few times.

It’s so nice to have a reliable pair of leggings in your closet. How does what’s in your bag change seasonally?

All that sunscreen is not very necessary during Dutch winter, so those stay out after summer. I always take some nice and warm clothes, but otherwise quite similar.

You absolutely need some layers in the Dutch winter. Your tote is so fun! What do you love about this particular bag? Why did you pick it?

Oh, I have a different one every time haha. This is just the one I found on my way out. It’s not even mine; a friend left it at my place!

Always changing it up. We love that. So we’re at the last question What’s the one thing you’d suggest every Ro’rider always keep on hand in their gym bag?

A banana! And some money for a nice, well-deserved cup of coffee after.

Thanks for chatting with us, see you on the bike!


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