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(Don’t) eat your heart out!


Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a stressful day. Now raise your hand if you’ve ever reached for a bag of chips or a big, juicy burger at the end of that day. Did you raise your hand? Yeah, we thought so.

Hey, don’t get us wrong, we are not here to judge. From time to time, everyone becomes an emotional eater. When stressed, many people naturally seek comfort in a hearty bowl of mac ‘n’ cheese or a bowl of raw cookie dough. We don’t just look at food as fuel; we also use it as a reward, to seek solace or even to celebrate.

Emotional eating may feel good in the moment, but it can have a less-than-pleasant consequences. Instead of leaving us in the blissful afterglow we seek, we often end up feeling worse than when we first dipped our spoons into that tub of Ben & Jerry’s.

We want to help you through those tough times, without the food hangover the next day. So we’ve got a list of tips for how to make your heart full again without doing the same to your stomach.

  1. #1. Go for a walk.

    Replacing food with exercise?! Blasphemy, right? You don’t have to go for a strenuous hike, but a little stroll might clear your mind a bit and help you decide if you really want those fritjes. Because who knows, you may be hungry and angry, and not just hangry.

  2. # 2. Tea not tears.

    When you are looking for emotional comfort, little helps more than a warming cup of tea. Just look at the Brits! A steaming ‘cuppa’ is their solution for all woes. Brew a soothing pot of chamomile tea – with a drizzle of honey for a little treat – and take a breath. Chamomile is actually proven to help calm the nervous system!

  3. #3. Get a fresh start.

    Even if you can’t scrub away all the emotional trauma that toxic relationship caused you, you can scrub yourself extra clean. Hop in the shower and wash away what’s on your mind. For an extra dose of relaxation, tie fresh eucalyptus branches to your shower head to create your own steam room.

  4. #4. Love thyself.

    It may sound simple, but a little self-love can go a long way. Dance around in your bedroom, read your favourite passage from that book you keep meaning to revisit, sweat it out for 45 minutes in a Ro’ride. Whatever you love, do it. Your mood is guaranteed to improve without the binge-eating.

  5. #5. Don’t fight the bite.

    None of our tips worked? Still want to chow down? That’s ok, too! Just make sure you eat mindfully. Take time to really enjoy that herring. Pay attention to the way your food looks, smells and tastes. Eat slowly and as soon as you notice you’ve stopped enjoying what you’re eating, stop eating! You’ll be much more satisfied. We promise.


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