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Drink up!


How many times have you heard that you need 8 glasses of water a day to be optimally hydrated? Probably about 8 thousand times, right? While this guideline has been the customary advice for as long as we can remember, it may not actually be accurate.

For starters, the standard eight glasses don’t even take into consideration that you might be exercising. And since you’re obviously a Ro’regular, this is something you definitely need to think about. When you’re working you’re a** off in a 45-minute ride, you will inevitably be sweating buckets, so eight glasses just won’t cut it.

It already feels tough to squeeze in nearly 2 litres, so the idea that you need to down even more glasses may feel overwhelming. Luckily, though, this might not really be the case. The “eight glasses” rule is one size fits all, and, well, we are not all the same size.

This old standard doesn’t account for people who frequently eat water-rich foods. If you’re someone who digs into a juicy, green salad for lunch and is constantly reaching for watermelon when a snack craving hits, you’ll need fewer glasses a day to reach hydration station. In fact, even a normal person who tends to eat a more meat and grain heavy diet actually gets 20 percent of his or her daily water intake through food.

Are you a coffee addict? Love a good Cold Pressed Juicery smoothie after class? Sipping on kombucha at your desk as you read this? Good news! Those also count toward your daily drinking tally.

So what it boils down to is that counting the number of glasses you’re drinking isn’t the best way to ensure you’re properly hydrated. To make sure you are, note how often you go to the bathroom. If you’re going every two or three hours, you’re golden!


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