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Fall for Fall


It’s official. Summer is over! Though you may be panicking that all the good times of the year are behind you, we’re here to remind everyone that Fall is pretty amazing too. In fact, it just might be our favourite season.

It isn’t in spite of the cooler weather and shorter days that we love the autumn. In fact, it’s because of those things that we love it so much. Still not convinced? Let us give it a go. Here are the reasons we fall for Fall, year after year.

Crisp, cool days. Sure, summer is fun, and everyone looks great with a tan, but what about sunburns? And all that sweat?! When October and the subsequent months roll around, we could not be happier. Our bike rides from work to the studio in the evening are gloriously breezy, and it actually is finally appealing to go for a run in the park. Plus, it’s still warm enough to sit outside in the sun on a terrace!

Layering is chic. Sundresses and sandals are all well and good, but we feel like we never look quite as stylish in the summer. Break out those leather jackets and your favourite flares. Pretty much anything goes this season.

The world explodes in technicolour. We are so grateful to live in the Netherlands, a stunning country where the seasons visibly change. Spend an hour or two walking through the city, and you’ll see leaves changing colours at every turn. Fall is so beautiful!

Nest season begins. While we don’t love getting caught in the rain when we’re headed out on a first date, there is something particularly cosy about cuddling up inside when it’s stormy outside. Because the days are shorter (and often peppered with rain showers), you’ll feel absolutely no guilt staying inside and indulging in some self-care.

The food! Though we are certainly sad to say goodbye to fresh, juicy peaches and ripe summer tomatoes, we must admit that we may love Fall produce even more. Pumpkins, apples, pears. And that’s just the fruit and vegetables! The cooler weather is also a perfect excuse to tuck into your favourite comfort food classics.

Shorter days. Wait, what? Did we just say that’s a plus? Yes, yes we did. Though you may be scratching your head, we can bet you’ll agree that getting to see more sunrises and sunsets is pretty damn dreamy. Your eyes and your Instagram will thank you!

More time for Ro’rides. Since you’re no longer spending your afternoons out at the beach or heading out early in the morning for a festival, your calendar has totally freed up for extra Ro’rides. Go for that Royal ride or even consider doing a double. The world is your oyster!


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