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Father Knows Best


We don’t know about you, but we celebrated Mother’s Day in a big way. After all, they are probably the most important people in our lives. Well, apart from our fathers of course. These strong, loving guys have been there by our sides for as long as we can remember, supporting us through thick and thin. To honour the best guys we know, we chatted with our instructors about the best advice their father ever gave them.

So, tell us! What’s the best advice your dad ever gave you?

Giulio: My father taught me that there is no limit to what you can do for the people you love!

Anouk L: My father taught me that people can take everything away from you, except for your memories. So the more memories you make, the richer a person you will be.

Robin: My father taught me never to find anything weird. He taught me to be open-minded, curious and open-hearted to the stories of others. That’s why I never felt ashamed to tell him anything, and I hope to spread that attitude to my loved ones as well.

Luuk: My father taught me to think twice before making a decision.

Luuk and family
Luuk and family.

Tiela: My mother is my father lol. Enough said!

Babette: The best lesson my father has ever taught me is that you can learn anything, that some people might need more time than others, but with consistency and effort, you can grow and develop in all areas, your entire life. He started playing the trumpet when he was 40, he is currently trying to learn Japanese, he takes racing/drifting courses sometimes and is still expanding his cooking skills for my mom. Go dad!

Jeff: The best “lesson” or saying my father taught me would be to “never travel the same route twice.”

Dennis: My dad has obviously taught me a lot, but I can’t remember one particular lesson that’s stuck in my head.

Donna: I love my dad! He taught me to appreciate good music! He taught me to play the piano, and, of course, he taught me how to ride a bike!

Neeltje: He often asked me important questions. Did you learn? What inspires you? It made me responsible, and it brought me a lot of intrinsic motivation for everything I do, as well as respect for others.

Daphne: The best lesson from my dad (unfortunately he passed away 8 years ago) is to really live in the moment. I also have a tattoo on my wrist to honour this. It’s the Dutch words: hier en nu.

Rowen and her father.

Jana: The best lesson my dad ever taught me was that it is always worth it to fight for yourself, no matter the odds! I have faced a lot of racism in the past, but my dad always stood up for me and made sure I did the same. “Stand tall and fight for yourself no matter the odds because you are worth it,” he kept saying.

Judith: I still remember the day that my dad taught me how to ride a bike, (how applicable to Rocycle hehe) without the training wheels. I failed numerous time, and every time I got angrier and more disappointed in myself. And then I gave up and stepped off my bike. At that point, my father was smiling (and also laughing about my diva attitude). But he told me never to give up and keep thinking in a positive way that “I CAN DO IT!”. And, of course, after that talk, I tried again and again and succeed. And oftentimes, when I am in doubt of doing something, he is the one that tells me to “dream big” and just do it, as long as I keep that positive mindset. 


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