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Father’s Day Gift Guide


It can sometimes seem like mom gets all the attention. We lavish flowers on her. We take her to dinner. And that’s not to say she doesn’t deserve it. Because we all know she does! But let’s not forget that it does take two to tango. So, let’s give it up to all the fathers out there.

Stuck for what to give the big guy? We’ve got you covered. Here is a list of  eight of our favourite things that we know your dad will love almost as much as you love him.

For the dad who always had time for you: Give him the gift of time. Well, not more time, exactly. But at least of accurate time. Not to mention the ability to motivate himself and improve his health. With a Fitbit on his wrist, your dad can track his activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep. Don’t be surprised if he starts outshining you on your Sunday morning runs.


For the dad who had parenting in the bag: Give him a weekend bag that is both chic and unique. That way, he can come visit you in style whenever he wants and make sure he grabs the right bag at the airport.


For the dad who dreamt of a six-pack: Why not give him a ten pack instead? Who ever said less is more anyway? With 10 Ro’rides under his belt this summer, he just might be able to tighten his own belt by the end of the season. Want to make him really happy? Sign up together for next Thursday’s RO’ASTED.


For the dad who was never up in your grill: There are few jobs that scream ‘dad’ more than grill master. Help him up his game during the warmer months with the king of grills. And don’t forget to kiss the cook.


For the dad who helped you escape a few close shaves: Make sure your father gets the closest, cleanest shave ever this Father’s Day. Did we mention this shaving cream is natural, organic and vegan to boot? Really want to spoil him? Spring for the Moisturizer & After Shave Balm to keep him looking young.


For the daddy long legs: Help your dad look as cool as Herns or Jeff on the bike with a pair of muscle-stabilising training tights. And this way he won’t embarrass you in his ratty old gym shorts.


For the dad who always listened to your problems: Maybe it’s time to give him something a little groovier to listen to. These bright, sleek headphones are some of the best around. Plus, with the special earhoox they won’t fall out of his ears when he’s cycling to the studio.


For the dad who really made a difference: He really impacted your life, so what better gift than one that can also help him impact the planet in a positive way, whilst keeping him hydrated? A customized, environmentally friendly Dopper water bottle is just what he needs. Trust us – he’ll need it during that 90-minute ride.


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