Fave spot in Ams: Donna – Rocycle
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Fave spot in Ams: Donna


We love to explore the city and that made us wonder; where do our instructors like to hang out? We followed our master instructors, starting with Donna, through our lovely city Amsterdam.

It’s freezing, but that doesn’t stop Master Instructor Donna from getting outdoors this month. Three summers ago, Donna finally found her very favourite spot in the city: the wharf at Homeland. She’d recently moved very nearby, so she and a friend decided that they’d go for a swim there every morning before work. And you know what? They stuck to their plan. “It’s so beautifully quiet and calm in the morning at 7:30. Except for this funny older lady doing yoga there some mornings, it’s completely empty and almost private.” Though it’s tranquil in the mornings, the wharf is packed every night, filled with music, barbecues and little parties, so there’s really something for everyone. Every time she goes, Donna feels happy, free and energised. “Let’s hope not too many people read this little interview. ;)”

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