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Fear is our fuel


It’s so easy to stay in our comfort zones. To avoid putting even one toe outside of what we’re used to. We become complacent and accept what life throws at us without ever questioning whether things really have to be the way they are or not.

But, what if you did things differently? What if you embraced fear? Embraced challenges and the change they inspire? If you did that, you could achieve things you only ever dreamed of, growing as a person along the way.

From this moment forward, here at Rocycle we are vowing to take a different route, change our career paths, take a chance. We are choosing to take our fears and our apprehensions and turn them into our fuel. Our fuel to be stronger, better, happier versions of ourselves. 

From what we’ve seen, it seems that so many of you are on the same page. We have instructors taking on more classes than they ever have before and our front desk team joining the ranks as instructors. We are opening new studios and welcoming more of you each and every day. Even though sometimes these things scare the sh*t out of us. We spoke to a few of our most dedicated Ro’riders about when they welcomed new challenges with open arms, how this changed their lives and the possibilities of more new challenges this year.

Ivett Balazs: Many things have scared me, but bungee jumping was definitely one of the top ones. It scared me not knowing what it was going to be like. Looking down, knowing I had to jump and that I’d hang on a rope upside down without knowing what comes after. But when I did it, I thought wow I would do it a million times more. Any choice I’ve made in life has given me the same feeling. I don’t like to think what if. Any time I get a thought with a ‘what if,’ I prefer to just go for it and try. The riskiest ‘what ifs’ have brought me the best things in life. I’m not feeling too scared just yet, but this year’s challenge is in my career to learn and grow and complete4 some studies. I want to find out which direction I want my career to take. What makes me scared – or even excited, really – is that I know I need a change soon, and I’ll find the right challenging change in life for myself.

Giselle Pereira: I’m proud of the life I’ve been able to build for myself. I moved to the Netherlands from Curaçao about ten years ago, and shortly after I moved, I made it my goal to be fully happy here rather than existing in a constant state of longing for home. Early on, I started making a conscious effort to build relationships that made the Netherlands feel like home. Though I obviously do still miss my family and friends, I feel like I have a life filled with people I love, activities I find interesting and, most importantly, a life that feels true to me. This year, I hope to eradicate small insecurities in all areas of my life: personal, career, exercise, hobbies. Self-reliance is important to me, so I’m always working to be more and more comfortable in my own skin.

Rowin Appelman: The last time I was scared was when I had to speak at a conference. Being scared is terrifying, but the thrill after you finish is so worth it! I would totally do it all over again! My challenge for this year might be a bit bigger than what you were looking for, but here goes: I have booked my expedition to Antarctica for the end of December, so I am simultaneously scared shitless and thrilled at the same time. It’s time to mentally and physically prepare myself.

Hayley Daen: I feel like anything in life can be absolutely terrifying, if you let it. But the things that are the scariest often help you grow the most. The idea of leaving London after six years in the U.K. felt crippling. I would leave all my friends behind. I would lose the life I’d built for myself. How could I do it?? Looking back now, I know I had nothing to fear because moving to Amsterdam was one of the greatest changes I’ve made in my life. I didn’t lose my old friends and gained new ones in the process. I’m learning a new language. I was forced out of my comfort zone. And now I feel confident I could easily and happily do it all over again, in some new, fantastic city.

Anna Kuylenstierna: Last year, I signed up for the New York Marathon, and that really scared me. I wouldn’t necessarily sign up for another marathon, but… completing the marathon ignited my inner lust to sign up for more challenges! My next challenge will be this spring when I trek to Mount Everest Base Camp. Wish me luck!


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