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Feel Like Royalty After King’s Day


One of the best days of the year (that’s King’s Day, of course) can often leave you feeling like…well, less than kingly in the days to follow. We give all our energy to dancing, socialising and soaking up the sun, so it’s only natural we may be overtaken by yawns with aching bodies to boot. So instead of crying and complaining for the next week, we decided to take matters into our own hands, to find the best places to pamper ourselves in the city. This year, we’re going to feel like royalty.


Chill out. It may sound more like punishment than pampering, but a few minutes in a cryo chamber are actually great for banishing a (two day) hangover. Hop on your bike and head out to Freezelab at the Olympic Stadium. You’ll be chilled out in no time.

Conserve your energy. If our last suggestion sounded like torture today, we have something we think you may prefer: an afternoon spent at the spa at the Conservatorium. The space is so zen, you’ll never want to leave, and an Inner Calm & Strength Magnesium Hammam Treatment or Third Eye Holistic Massage will have you feeling as good as new.

Delight in a few moments of calm. Whenever we’re feeling stressed or like we have tight muscles, there’s nothing better than hitting the mat. When we’re in Amsterdam, our favourite place to do a bit of restorative Yin yoga is Delight, either on the Weteringschans or the Nieuwe Achtergracht. If you really want to sink into your muscles and achieve bliss, we recommend a relaxed class like Hatha, Yin or Restorative, rather than an energising one like Ashtanga or Vinyasa.

Float on. This one is also a bit new agey, but trust us. It works. An hour in a sensory deprivation tank at Koan Float will bring your mind and body into a supreme state of calm. The dark, quiet environment is ideal for restoring you to your best self.


Get loose. For those of you out in Utrecht, we highly recommend getting your juices flowing with a dreamy Yin yoga or pilates class at Studio Natuurlijk. Some gentle stretching, whether in yoga or pilates, are just what the doctor ordered.

Stop and smell the roses. Science has proven that being in nature and surrounded by plants does wonders for stress and the body, so why not head out to Utrecht’s gorgeous Botanic Gardens. If you’re really up for treating yourself, pack a glorious picnic basket full of healthy treats so you can luxuriate in the sun for hours.

Delicate cycle. No, no we don’t mean doing your laundry. We mean heading into the studio for a chilled class, taken at your own pace. Rocycle is all about doing what your body needs in the moment, and sweating out a few of the weekend’s toxins never hurt anyone. 

Wine and dine. When the spa and some stretching just won’t do, a gorgeous meal with some super fresh produce and a fantastic wine to accompany should be the ticket. Le Jardin is a beautiful restaurant that feels like a lush garden and serves even more lush food.


Fave spot in Ams: Babette


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