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Feel like you’re on vacation, even if you aren’t


This is about the time of year that we really start to crave a vacation. It’s been months since we’ve seen the sun. Summer Fridays are a thing of the past. We’ve all been locked in our offices, bundled up inside for far too long now.

But as much as we all might be dying for a holiday, unfortunately, we can’t always take them. It may be that it’s just not in your budget right now. Or it could be that you’ve taken all your vacation days for the year already (seriously, where the heck do those things go?!). Whatever the reason, you’re still probably a bit down in the doldrums that you just can’t swing it.

So, what are you to do in a situation like this? Well, we for one don’t think you should sit at your desk wallowing, lamenting the fact that you’re not posting vacay pic after vacay pic on Instagram. Instead, we suggest you take matters into your own hands. We think it’s time you learned how to feel as if you’re on vacation, even when you’re simply stuck at home.

Revamp your space

Just because you’re not nestling into a gloriously crisp hotel bed doesn’t mean you can’t feel as if your space is indulgent. Treat yourself to a brand new set of sheets or a lovely candle to tuck next to your bath.

Get creative in the kitchen

When you’re on vacation, you’re probably trying lots of new and exciting foods. When you’re in Amsterdam or Utrecht, that may not be happening quite as often. Sign up for a cooking class to learn some new techniques or simply find an intriguing new recipe on a blog or in a cookbook and spice things up.

Host a wine tasting

If you’re touring through France or luxuriating on a patio in Portugal, we’d guess you’re treating yourself to some delicious wine. Replicate the experience at home by hosting a casual wine tasting with your friends. They don’t have to be crazy expensive bottles – and you can even ask everyone to bring their favourite – but it will give you all the feeling that your troubles are long behind you.

Let your hair down

One of the best things about being on holiday is that you have absolutely no responsibilities, not a care in the world. When you’re in your own city, however, it can be tempting to tackle tons of chores or try and bang out some work you have due next week just to get a head start. Get together with some friends and go out dancing, or, better yet, text all your BFFs and book that Royal ride. Your worries will be a thing of the past.

Get into nature and disconnect

Being in another city or country often means you don’t have the same connectivity you do at home (hello data roaming fees). To recreate that vibe, leave your phone at home and head to the Amsterdamse Bos or the Parkbos De Haar to disconnect from the digital world and reconnect to the world around you.


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