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Fresh Faces, Fresh Perspectives


Though we can barely believe it, somehow we keep growing and expanding. From one precious studio back in 2016 to having just thrown open the doors at our fifth studio today, we’ve really come a long way. And with this growth, it only makes sense that our amazing team would evolve, that we’d bring new, incredible instructors into the fold. How else are we supposed to keep you sweaty and out of breath in all those studios?!

That’s why we are so excited to introduce you to two of our brand new instructors: Guillermo and Saskia. And because it’s always more fun when it feels like a family, we wanted you to get to know them a little bit better. Ready to meet them? Well keep reading!

How did you come to Rocycle?

Guillermo: I know Vita and Rowen (and others) from the performing arts academy. I saw Rowen’s journey on Instagram, and then I met Vita after a dance class one day and she sold the whole idea. So I gave it a go because I was looking for a new challenge. After my first class with Joey, which was insane and kicked my ass, I knew I had to try this out because I felt sooooo good after class.

Saskia: It’s actually quite funny. For the last five years, I’ve been living abroad, and I came back to the Netherlands last May. My cousin had been telling me about Rocycle, about how awesome it is! So we had a family trip to Daphne’s class, where I experienced my first Rocycle adventure hour! I absolutely loved it! Coming from performing in theatre, it was such a nice way to experience how working out can be in balance with having a great time and being able to perform a little bit, all at the same time. Also Luuk and I go way back ☺. We went to school together, so after my first class at Rocycle, I took his classes as well. And it was just such a fun time whilst doing a workout that when Luuk told me there were auditions coming up, I had to try and go for it! So that’s how I got to Rocycle.

What was instructor training like?

Saskia: Instructor training was so intense!! I’ve always been an active person for sure; I’ve been working as a dancer and singer so I thought my body could handle some extremes. But WOW, I was mistaken there. It was definitely a change for my body. But the immediate welcoming feeling I had was so, so nice. I got to spend my training period with lovely people. We supported each other all the way, going all out during our training sessions for each other.

Guillermo: The instructor training was intense. It kicked my ass. I was in a really fun and supportive group, and Joey and Babette did a great job guiding us through the process. It was a great way for me to get introduced to the entire Rocycle phenomenon since I hadn’t been riding before I joined the training program.

Are you nervous to join the team?

Guillermo: NOOOO. I’m really excited to join the team. So far, I’ve had a lot of great encounters, and I’m looking forward to slowly meeting everyone.

Saskia: So at first I was SUPER nervous to join the team, to meet the other instructors and studio assistants but also the riders. Because it is such a close group of people, I thought it might be hard. But it was actually the exact opposite; everybody has been so kind and welcoming! You can feel the support from all sides.

What will set your classes apart?

Saskia: So I hope to be original by giving a ton of positive energy that will hopefully make people leave the room with a big smile on their faces! I use quite modern tunes, so I’m happy to sing along and definitely appreciate if the riders join me in that ☺ haha. It’s all about the good vibes and positivity!

Guillermo: In my other life, I’m a danger/singer/songwriter/MC and a spoken word poet. I think all those elements will come through in my class through the microphone, my song selections and my overall approach to motivation. What I love about Rocycle is that there’s so much room to create a signature style. The instructors that I’ve interacted with so far have already inspired me to find my own flavour.

Alright, last one: what does Rocycle mean to you?

Guillermo: As a job, it’s an amazing way to support my other career since it’s very flexible in its setup. I get to have an impact on people’s state of being, it keeps me in shape and all of the skills that I use as a performing artist are invaluable in being a Rocycle instructor. I also love how it allows me to be a powerful example, which has already shifted a lot in my day-to-day life. I’m excited to grow in this job. After I took Rowen’s class, I got super excited about building community and having a strong impact. So I’m slowly but surely rising to the occasion.

Saskia: Rocycle means so many things to me! The adrenaline, the hard work, the energy in the room, creating energies together, leaving the place feeling better than when you arrived (every single time!), the people! It’s literally only good things that I think of when I think of Rocycle.


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