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Fridge lookbook: Jeff


Ever wondered how our instructors stay so fit and healthy? Did you ever think that maybe if you ate like them (and maybe trained too!) that you would have just as killer abs? We know we do all the time. Finally, you have the chance to be a fly on the wall. Or, a fly in the fridge, rather. Each of our instructors has shared a snap of their refrigerators, full of everything from fresh lemons to an army of tonic bottles.

Let’s check out what Jeff’s got tucked inside his:

Alright Jeff, we see lots and lots of fruit and veg plus some lean protein. Do you follow a specific diet? Paleo? Ketogenic?

No, I’m not a strong believer in diets. Personally, I eat anything I want, but always in moderation! However, there are a few staples in my ‘diet’ like bananas, kiwi, cucumber, tomatoes, quinoa and Tony Chocolonely.

Tony Chocolonely! We like how you just slipped that in with all those healthy foods. Very sneaky. If you could make us a meal from the contents of your fridge, what would it be?

Salmon cooked in coconut oil and lemon juice with steamed broccoli and paprika on a bed of rice or quinoa.

We’re drooling. So this is a pretttty healthy fridge. Anything missing that we’d normally find?

A beer a day keeps the doctor away…

We knew you couldn’t be so saintly. So, we’ve spotted what looks like fresh salmon and ground beef. Where do your source your animal proteins?

I purchase my produce at Ekoplaza – I trust their sources.

It’s definitely important with meat and fish to have good quality products. It’s a bit of a hodge podge, albeit a healthy one, in there. How do you organize the contents of your refrigerator?

My fridge is usually an organised chaos. Whatever fits wherever works for me!

It’s like a Jackson Pollock painting. A beautiful mess. So you said you normally have beer in your fridge. Is there anything you’re hiding on purpose?

I wouldn’t say I’m hiding it, but I actually was out of beer at the time the photo was taken. After the day has finished, I always like to have a nightcap!

It certainly takes the edge off. Ok, we’ve got one more question for you. If you could trade fridges with anyone, who would it be and why?

Oh, that’s a tough question. I would love to live (literally live…) in my friend Lisa’s fridge. She purchases only 100% organic produce and buys the best of the best of products at the Toronto St. Lawrence market. She is a nutritionist and cares so much about her body, so I know what she buys is only top quality. Feel free to check her out: .


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