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Fridge tips: Antoinette


Ever wondered how our instructors stay so fit and healthy? Did you ever think that maybe if you ate like them (and maybe trained too!) that you would have just as killer abs? We know we do all the time. Finally, you have the chance to be a fly on the wall. Or, a fly in the fridge, rather. Each of our instructors has shared a snap of their refrigerators, full of everything from fresh lemons to an army of tonic bottles.

Let’s check out what Antoinette’s got tucked inside hers.

Alright Antoinette, we see lots and lots of fruit and veg plus some lean protein. Do you follow a specific diet? Paleo? Ketogenic?

I get asked that a lot. I used to weigh 125 kg four years ago. I re-educated myself on how to eat healthy and train, and it’s a big passion of mine after losing 45 kg. I don’t follow any particular diet, and I believe a balanced diet is key. I eat clean six days a week, or, rather, I try to, as I have a bit of a weakness for sugar waffles. I always hear them calling me when I walk into the Albert Heijn. I tend to eat a lot of sweet potatoes, as they are a good carb, particularly after training, as well as lots of fruit and vegetables. I eat the same thing for breakfast every day: yoghurt, oats, fruit and honey, along with a coffee. I tend to eat more fish than meat, as I find it gives me more energy and is better for my recovery. But I looooooooooooveeeee a good steak!! My vices are coffee and iced tea smoothies from Starbucks… in fact, I should have shares in the company I love them so much!

Ooooh those are pretty irresistible, we must agree. If you could make us a meal from the contents of your fridge, what would it be?

Baked salmon and roasted vegetables with pesto. It’s easy and quick to do, as you can prepare everything and leave it to bake in the oven while you take some time to yourself. I always try to cook enough for a few days too.

OMG we would love to eat that right now. So this is a pretttty healthy fridge. Anything missing that we’d normally find?

Wine, prosecco and cheese. I had some friends over who cleaned the naughty contents out. I always like to have it in there for when the girls come over for giggles and good times.

There’s nothing better than a little bit of indulgence with good friends. Where do you do most of your shopping usually?

I’m lucky, as I live 1 minute away from Albert Heijn, Jumbo and a good butcher. I also love to walk around the farmer’s market on Saturday to buy fresh produce. It’s always a good vibe, and I try to speak a little Dutch, which amuses them.

We would love to hear you speak a bit of Dutch. Maybe we’ll tag along next time! It’s a bit of a hodge podge, albeit a healthy one, in there. How do you organize the contents of your refrigerator?

Haha I don’t. I tend to just throw it all in.

It looks like modern art to us, a bit of organised chaos. So you said you normally have prosecco in your fridge. Is there anything you’re hiding on purpose?

Cheese, cheese and cheese. I love it, so I keep it out of sight, as I will eat it like chocolate.

You already sound like a total Dutchie! Can you tell us what’s in that Tupperware?

It’s my housemate’s, so I have no idea. I think it’s soup? We share the fridge, but I tend to use it more, as she is away a lot or eats takeaway or out at restaurants (sorry, Jenna, your secret’s out!).

Hey, we totally don’t blame her. We love good takeout every now and again. Ok, we’ve got one more question for you. If you could trade fridges with anyone, who would it be and why?

I would love to trade fridges, as we only have a small one. I would looooooove a bright red SMEG one day. But hmmmmm, this is a hard one! I guess it would be the big wave surfer, Laird Hamilton. I am currently reading his book ‘Liferider Heart, Body, Soul and Life Beyond the Ocean.’ I am a huge geek when it comes to looking into slowing down the aging process and looking after all areas of health, mind and body. Laird and his wife Gabbie Reece have some interesting and innovative views and ideas. It’s on my bucket list to visit one of their extreme performance camps in Hawaii. Sorry, Ro’riders; I could talk about this for hours.


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