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Get better at these moves, get better in the bedroom.


You know that hitting the gym helps get you a hot body, which will probably improve your confidence, but did you know that it can improve your sex life physiologically?

For one thing, your stamina will improve immensely. Being able to kill it during Ro’asted will ensure that you are prepared for a long night of loving. In addition to improving your stamina, intense cardio like Rocycle will also boost your libido. Bet you’re not going to make excuses now, are you?

While cardio will certainly help, there are four areas on the body that are important to strengthen for real fireworks in the bedroom: abs, lower back, upper body and pelvic floor. So after you finish 45 minutes on the bike, make sure to run through a quick cycle of these three exercises. Your sex life will thank us. We promise.


When you regularly practice glute bridges, you are able to strengthen your pelvic floor. And a stronger pelvic floor means stronger orgasms. Bend into a bridge, make the big O even better. What are you waiting for?


As you might have noticed after you have sex for the first time in a while, your lower back and abs get used. A lot. Including a round of high, low and side planks will stabilize and engage these muscles, and it will pay off during your next romp.


Sex is much more fun when you can support your own bodyweight. Hey, it makes shower sex possible, right? Push-ups help you to strengthen your arms, making trying new positions infinitely easier.


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