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Getting to Ro’ Alycia-May


If you’ve been checking out the schedules at any of our five (!) studios, you might have noticed that there are tons of new names on the site. Even in the studio, you’re likely to see a bright, shining new face that you may never have seen before. And it makes sense, don’t you think?

As we continue to grow at Rocycle, so grows our Ro’fam. More riders mean more instructors and more classes, as we want to keep that party on a bike going no matter what!

Because community is the heart of what we do, we want you to really get to know our instructors so they start to feel like family. That’s why today, we want to introduce you to one of our newest wonderful additions: Alycia-May. We chatted with her to find out a bit more about her and what Rocycle means to her.

Hi Alycia-May! So great to have a chat with you so our riders can get to know you as well as we do. Can you tell us how you came to Rocycle?

Last year, a friend of mine who was teaching similar spin classes asked me if I could cover a class for her. I had no experience with spinning, but as it was a real emergency, I said yes. I joined one or two of her classes and, not long after, it was my time to shine. I got up on stage, did it and have been in love with the bike ever since. A few weeks later, she quit her job and asked me if I wanted to take over her classes. Again, I said yes, and before I knew it, I actually started teaching! It took me three years after I got my diploma as an all-around fitness instructor to actually work as one. Not long after, a girl who attended my classes frequently asked me if I knew about Rocycle. At the time, I didn’t, but my colleagues also told me that I should check it out to get some inspiration. I did some research and saw that Rocycle was looking for new instructors. Instead of booking a ride, I applied for the job and ended up getting invited for an audition!

Sounds like fate that you fell into spinning. We’re so glad you did! Can you tell us what the instructor training was like?

My audition was actually the first time I sat on a Rocycle bike. I remember I struggled with almost everything, from clicking in and out of the bike to finding the rhythm. However, I was sure about the fact that I would make it and knew that quitting was not an option! The training was intense – super intense. Not only for my physical body but also mentally. I really had to push myself to my limits, and my legs were sore for such a long time. Eventually, it was all worth it. I can’t thank Babette and Joey enough for their patience and support through the whole training. They are amazing.

We agree with you there – they are amazing! Are you nervous to join the team?

At the beginning, yes. For sure! Every Rocycle instructor is so talented, and I felt like a baby. Luckily, they made me feel comfortable right away, as did the riders actually. I was super nervous for my community ride, but everybody was so nice and kind, which definitely helped me through it.

Having that kind of supportive community is essential with big transitions like this. What do you think will set your classes apart?

Every class I teach is prepared with genuine energy, happiness and love. Every class is a party for me. I try to make sure my music suits both men and women, and all of my speeches, energy and motivation come straight from the heart.

Sounds like they are very unique and very you. What are your thoughts on fuelling yourself properly for a Ro’ride?

I always try to eat a banana before class and save my energy in order to give it my all during a Ro’ride. There is no better feeling than getting out of class with a red face and wild hair!

So true. Everyone does look a bit wild after class! Is there something not everyone knows about you?

After I graduated MBO, I decided to start working as a police officer in Amsterdam. I realised it wasn’t my cup of tea and quit after just six months. These days, I study sports management at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. That being said, it is pretty cool to say that I’ve been a police officer (even if it was just half a year haha!).

That is pretty cool. Alright, final question: what does Rocycle mean to you?

Rocycle is definitely my second home. Instructing doesn’t feel like “work”, and the smiles on the faces of every rider are everything to me. Rocycle gives me so much energy… more than it takes! It doesn’t matter if the ride is at 7:00 AM or 9:00 PM; Rocycle always makes me happy. And this is not only because of my amazing colleagues or the relaxed environment but also because of the wonderful riders that take the time and effort to join my classes.


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