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Healthy body, healthy mind.


Mind. Body. Music. We all  know the importance and interconnectedness of these things, right? Strong determination can help you exercise better, making your body stronger and healthier, but it turns out that exercising, in addition to improving your mood, can also help you keep your brain running at full speed long into old age. It sounds too good to be true, but recent studies have shown that the more Ro’rides you join (and complete, of course), the less likely you will be to develop dementia.

There is a strong connection between cardiovascular health, which is vastly improved by regular exercise, and the health of your brain. Because the brain has so many blood vessels and is thus a highly vascularized organ, bettering your cardiovascular health through physical fitness will only serve to make your brain healthier in the long run.

Scientists have come to this conclusion after examining the results of a study conducted over 44 years with 191 women in Sweden between 38 and 60. After categorizing them into three groups – low fitness, medium fitness and high fitness – they were monitored over four decades to see how dementia developed or did not amongst the groups. Upon completion of the study, the high fitness group had notably and significantly lower instances of dementia, with only 5 percent showing signs, as opposed to 25 and 32 percent in the medium and low fitness groups, respectively.

Now if that doesn’t inspire you to get trough this Monday and register for next week’s classes, we don’t know what will. So go on, sign up! You’ll have a super brain to show for it!


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