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Healthy hotspots: De Pijp


Now that Rocycle #3 is up and running in what is probably Amsterdam’s hippest neighbourhood, we found ourselves scratching our heads a bit. Where can we grab a warming matcha to perk us up before our weekday Ro’rides? What’s the best spot to indulge in a delicious, wholesome lunch after a 60-minute Royal?

Don’t fret! We’ve got you covered. Here we’ve got a little neighbourhood cheat sheet. The little green book (because green is healthier than black!) for De Pijp. We can’t wait to see you in the ‘hood!

Matcha Bar Albert Cupystraat 89

Alright, alright. So a lot of the focus here is on matcha-based desserts, but don’t forget that matcha is incredibly high in antioxidants and nutrients that have been shown to boost metabolism and slow the growth of cancer. Grab a matcha latte or a matcha smoothie to get a little caffeine boost the healthy way.

The Avocado Show Daniel Stalperstraat 61HS

All hail the mighty avocado. In addition to being one of the best sources of healthy fats we know, avocado also just tastes f**king delicious. We love The Vegan Roast Toast with a side of Avocado Fries if we’re feeling like treating ourselves.

The Meets Cornelis Trootsplein 3

This amazing restaurant answered the prayers of Amsterdam’s healthiest foodies, and now it will answer your prayers too. All of their dishes are made with locally-sourced, organic ingredients that are free from additives and refined sugars. Don’t miss the Spirulina Buckwheat Pancakes or The Meets Platter.

Joe & the juice Ferdinand Bolstraat 113H

Though we don’t have the luxury of having The Cold Pressed Juicery right inside our doors like we do at City Centre, we still have a hankering for a healthy treat after our workout. Pick up a ginger or tumeric shot to inspire you to power through those extra pyramids.

CT Coffee & Coconuts Ceintuurbaan 282-284

Whatever the time of day, Coffee & Coconuts is one of our absolute favourite healthy hotspots in De Pijp and Amsterdam as a whole! This hotspot is all about celebrating the abundance of life. Why not celebrate it with a Golden Milk and a Quinoa + Cauliflower Bowl.

Venkel Albert Cuypstraat 22

If you’re in the mood for salad, we can think of few better spots than Venkel. They work with local-sourced produce to create inventive salads that pay tribute to the local land around us. For a good dose of healthy protein, we like to grab the Venkels Venkel with fennel, mackerel, roasted beetroot, chickpeas, apple and parmesan cheese.


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