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Healthy Hotspots Utrecht


With our new studio baby finally here, we figured it was about time we checked out the adorable, charming city of Utrecht and see just what it has to offer. As you might have guessed, turns out it’s a lot! From dreamy juice bars to luxurious restaurants that make you feel as if you’ve been transported straight to the jungle, there’s something for everyone. So if you’re looking for your new favourite healthy hotspots, look no further.

Gys: This light and airy restaurant on Utrecht’s Amsterdamsestraatweg focuses on organic food and drinks that are crafted with care and made from local produce wherever possible. They want to ensure that healthy food is attainable because most of us don’t have time to prepare healthy meals as often as we’d like. Many of the dishes are vegan or vegetarian, and they’re all about sustainability.

Urban Salad: Whether you’re in the mod for a warming soup, a fresh salad or a filling wrap, Urban Salad is the place to go. Be sure to grab one of their delicious, refreshing juices to go along with whatever you’re ordering to help you rehydrate after your Ro’ride.

Le Jardin: Health aside, this restaurant is absolutely gorgeous. We could sit here all day! The menu at Le Jardin uses the vegetables and herbs they cook with as inspiration and a jumping off point for all of their cooking, always opting for the most beautiful produce of the season. They describe their ethos as “Groen-te-no-mie” or the art of eating and drinking well through the lens of vegetables.

Studio JUX: Sustainable fashion is the name of the game here at Studio JUX’s flagship store on the Twijnstraat in Utrecht. The founders are enamoured by green living, so they only stock guilt-free goods like vegan gifts and fair trade clothing. The space is also stunning, so you’ll want to stay and shop for hours.

Broei: Of course we love a good juicy burger as much as the next person, but nothing feels as good to our bodies as treating it with nourishing, wholesome vegetarian food every now and again. And we know no better place for that than Broei. We love to sit in the front garden to work or relax as we enjoy tasty vegetarian dishes like kohlrabi with vegan ricotta and kimchee mung bean pancakes, sopping up all the delicious sauces with their homemade sourdough bread baked with local flour from the Limburg Commandeur mill.

Smood: When we ride at City Centre in Amsterdam, we love to grab a juice or smoothie from The Cold Pressed Juicery, but what about when we finish our first ride in Utrecht? Don’t you worry! There’s still an amazing juice place: Smood. We love popping in to grab a Biet It juice and an acai bowl to refuel after class.


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