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Healthy Tricks To Treat Yourself This Halloween


We’ve gotta admit that Halloween is one of our favourite holidays. For a day (or a week, depending on how long you’re celebrating) you get to step outside of yourself and become someone totally new. Oh, and let’s not forget about the sweets.

But as much as we love stuffing ourselves silly with Snickers and Twix, it can often leave us feeling a bit sluggish. And since we love feeling strong and powerful (hello Ro’yal rides), we thought we’d craft a slightly healthier – yet still decadent – Halloween plan.

So, let’s get trick-and-treating!

#1. Embrace the darkness.

Halloween is a pretty spooky holiday. There are skeletons and blood everywhere, so it only makes sense that you embrace your dark side. Reach for rich, inky dark chocolate rather than your typical sugar-laden milk chocolate options. And if you want to go full-healthy, seek out food with activated charcoal in it. It will whisk toxins from your digestive tract and out of your body. Pick up The Black Beauty or a Charcoal & Black Sesame Latte from The Cold Pressed Juicery.

#2. Get pumped for pumpkin.

Sure, you could carve up those pumpkins and make a jack-o-lantern, but why not make the most of the nutrient-dense winter veg instead? Grab some smaller, edible pumpkins and whip up some Pumpkin Spice Latte Energy Bites to snack on after class or throw together some Roasted Winter Squash with Kale Pipian for that Halloween dinner party you’ve been planning.

#3. Go ghoulishly green.

One of the most swampy, ghoulish colours we know is green. And luckily, food that’s green just so happens to be some of the healthiest things on the planet. Sautee some spinach to have with a roast chicken or sprinkle some spirulina in your smoothie, but just be sure to look out for swamp monsters. And, speaking of going green, donate to an environmental cause because there’s nothing greener than taking care of the environment.

#4. Make self-care spooky.

Self-care is something we should be indulging in all year round, but Halloween is the perfect time to do it. This Thursday, turn into a ghost yourself with a foaming bubble mask. You’ll look extra spooky while you do it, and the results are scary good.

#5. Sweeten the deal.

We couldn’t possibly bring you Halloween suggestions without suggesting you have something a little bit sweet, right? Rather than heading to the store to pick up ultra-processed, sugar-laden candy, we’re suggesting you head into the kitchen and make some yourself. Try these no-bake homemade Snickers bars or Almond Joy bites. You’ll satisfy your cravings without the candy hangover.


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