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Hey Ro’tterdam


Hey Ro’Town! 

Have you heard the good news? Another Rocycle studio is opening! That’s right, our first new studio opening of 2020 is (drumroll, please): Rotterdam! We’re so excited to welcome all the new faces into our Ro’Fam when our studio opens on July 1st. So if you’re a Rotterdam local or work in 010, we can’t wait to clip in and ride with you. Expect an amazing line-up of instructors, playlists you’ll want on repeat, some truly one-of-a-kind people and So. Much. Sweat.

Now, onto the real surprise… Our very first Ro’Yoga studio will be opening right inside of the Rotterdam studio! Ro’Yoga is sweat-drippin’ yoga that will have you feeling energised and on top of the world after every class. Did somebody say ‘party on a mat’?

While we are patiently waiting for our doors to open, we worked very hard on a reopening plan for Rocycle with 1.5m distance. We believe that your wellness is paramount, so we’ve put some plans in place to keep you happy, healthy and well. We would like to break it down for you. And give an inside on the Rocycle 1.5M studios. Here’s how we’re keeping things #SoFreshAndSoClean at Rocycle once we reopen:

So let’s get this party started, Ro’Fam! Visit our website to get your exclusive opening offer credit package now: Four Rides For €20. 

See you soon at Rocycle Rotterdam,

Your Ro’Fam. 

Rocycle Rotterdam

July 1st, 2020


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