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Hey Ro’tterdam


Hey Ro’Town! 

Have you heard the good news? Another Rocycle studio is opening! That’s right, our first new studio opening of 2020 is (drumroll, please): Rotterdam! We’re so excited to welcome all the new faces into our Ro’Fam when our studio opens on March 31st. So if you’re a Rotterdam local or work in 010, we can’t wait to clip in and ride with you. Expect an amazing line-up of instructors, playlists you’ll want on repeat, some truly one-of-a-kind people and So. Much. Sweat.

Now, onto the real surprise… Our very first Ro’Yoga studio will be opening right inside of the Rotterdam studio! Ro’Yoga is sweat-drippin’ yoga that will have you feeling energised and on top of the world after every class. Did somebody say ‘party on a mat’?

So let’s get this party started, Ro’Fam! Visit our website to get your exclusive opening offer credit package now: Four Rides For €20

See you soon at Rocycle Rotterdam,

Your Ro’Fam. 

Rocycle Rotterdam

March 31st, 2020


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