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How our Ro’fam Rises to the Challenge


We don’t know about you, but we are ready to commit. Ready to commit to new challenges and new things. Ready to take on the world. But sometimes, no matter how much conviction we begin with when we set difficult goals for ourselves, we find ourselves floundering, struggling to truly commit to something. 

We aren’t totally sure why that is, but we know that there are many ways to overcome these feelings. For a little bit of inspiration, we spoke to some of our favourite riders and instructors about the tools they find most useful for commitment and how they really dedicate themselves to a new challenge.

Louisa Mesquita Bakker: Once I tell myself I’m dedicated to doing it, I’ll fully commit. Although I have to say that my path towards it can sometimes change along the way. This brings me to Tony Robbins. I’m a big fan of his spirit and love listening to his seminars. One of his famous quotes is “Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach.” I split up my challenges into weekly or daily points and write them down in my journal. I also use the app Done to hold myself accountable. For me, it’s also important to review my performance, so I try to take a moment on Sundays to reflect on what I did well and what I can improve.

Rogier van Duyn: I take on any new challenges by following three steps. Research and goal-setting: preparing for an Ironman race or building a new Rocycle studio starts with research. You read online articles, you talk to people who have done a race before, you talk to people from the neighbourhood to find out if Rocycle would fit, you do research on demographic statistics, ideal locations, etc. Every challenge starts with the questions What, Where and Who. What are we going to do and what is our ultimate goal? Preparation: once I’ve decided to go for a race or we, as a team, have decided to open a new studio, we start preparing for it. What’s the ideal training program, and how does race day look? Most importantly, who will be your team members to help you achieve your goal? We have invested quite some time in setting up the ideal Rocycle teams. We have a team responsible for studio openings. That team consists of a project manager, construction manager, architect team, graphic designer and operations manager. For every new studio, we learn from the existing ones and try to optimize our goal, building a studio our riders love. Execution: And then there is race or opening day! We have worked hard and now simply need to trust in everything we’ve done to prepare for this moment. This is the moment I hand over all responsibilities to Roxy. And if there is an instructor light on the podium not working? Well she knows who to call first… 

Alex Gulje: I see every day as a new challenge. And I commit fully by waking up with an open heart, open mind and open arms so I can take on whatever that new day has in store for me.

Kesem Dalyot-Liberman: Today, more than ever, I am committed to myself when I decide on a new challenge. Of course I have my make or break moments, but I know how to identify those points and work with myself. I like listening to inspirational stories or lectures on TED, and I also try to give myself some compassion and self-love. Another tool that helps me is writing. I have my Dageboek, in which I put my goals and tasks. It’s always open on my table, and I like to see my successes in a visual way, like drawing a heart or a big V next to a well done task. 

Anouk Rietveld: If I set a goal for myself, I try to give 100% of what I have. ‘Nothing to lose, only to win’ is one of my favourite quotes, and I really try to keep that one in mind when I take on new challenges. That can be scary sometimes, but I truly believe it will pay off in the end. I’m a control freak, so if I commit to a new challenge, I plan step by step how I can get there. Most of the time it will take some time to get there; things work out differently, and the road towards your goal seems harder than you expected. Then you need discipline and hard work to accomplish your goals or challenges. That’s why, for me, those two – discipline and hard work – are my greatest tools in life.

Rowen Aida: Whenever I’m not sure if I’ll fully commit to something, I most likely won’t take the challenge. ‘Cause I know myself very well: if I want something, if I go for something, I full commit. I’ll go all out, all the way, no mercy, head first, 360 turn, full focus. The fact that I would doubt taking on a new challenge would mean I wasn’t into it enough (yet), and that’s a massive sign from my gut telling me it’s not a priority for me (yet). And if something isn’t a priority in my life, it won’t survive, ‘cause all the things that are priority get ALL of me. There’s no space and no time for half mind-set projects. My tool for committing to a challenge is one of the most powerful human tools: the power of choice. Make the decision! Tony Robins says it best, “It is your decisions, not your conditions, that determine your destiny.” If you make the decision to commit to something, you are by definition not giving yourself any other options or space for excuses. It’s like making a promise. You have to do it, you have to show up; you have to give it your all, no room for discussion. The number one rule I have while making a decision is: do it for myself. If you don’t feel the absolute need to make this decision, it won’t last. My last piece of advice for committing to a challenge: never commit to a lousy challenge. That’s asking for lousy results. Commit to ridiculously challenging projects. This will give you no other option but to bring out THE BEST OF YOU. Find a challenge you’re passionate about, make the decision to commit to it for you and for no one else, show up better than ever before and enjoy the magic it brings.

Isabella Boyer:  love my little patterns and my routines; they make me feel safe, like I have it aaall under control. Danger is that I get stuck in these patterns. That is why I challenge myself to try out new things, learn new things and find out how things work. Diving into the ‘unknown’. Trying out these new things sometimes come with challenges. During those moments I try to convince myself that it’s alright to feel frustrated when things don’t go as planned. Mastering the unknown is a process, and process takes time!! When talking to myself doesn’t really do the trick, I reach out to someone who I care about. Always works for me.

Jeff Patterson: When I commit, I commit whole-heartedly. How? I share my goal(s) with my friends so they can help me stay accountable. I set reasonable and timely benchmark goals to help me get to my overall goal. I also prioritize my time to make more space for people, things, experiences etc. that will help me achieve my goal. I surround myself with positive people as well. 

Judith Eijk: When it’s coming from within me, I fully commit to a challenge. I ask myself ‘Is this something I do because I want it, or is this something SOCIETY or OTHER people want me to do it?’ And no, not always will I succeed the first time. But taking a challenge and going to places I’ve never been before is the most important thing for me. Most of the time, I tell people around me what I’m doing or what my next goal or purpose is. Also, making vision boards is something that reminds me of my goals every day, whether they’re on the background of my laptop or iPhone. If you look at it every day, you will visualize it, and your mind is absorbing it. So you will be reminded of your goals every day, aware and unaware.

Catherine van Nierop: That is the only way to push my boundaries. I just finished my charity ride in Guatemala on a mountain bike, of which you wrote a blog a few weeks ago, and the only way to tackle those steep mountains was by full commitment. Full commitment can take you to the point you never thought was possible. Besides lots of water, it’s all in the mind. By thinking ‘everything is possible if you believe in it,’ instead of thinking ‘it is impossible for me to climb this mountain,’ it was almost easy to ride to the top!


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