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How Roxy ditched sugar but still stayed sweet


This month is all about crushing our goals! We know it can be a bit difficult, so sometimes it helps to have a bit of inspiration. Roxy, in charge of our operations, was way ahead of the game, crushing her goal of going sugar-free last month. If you wanna kick your sweet tooth’s ass, read on. Because Roxy has got this under control.

Alright, we’re all wondering. What inspired you to ditch the sweet stuff?

In general, I very much enjoy a challenge. This can be sports-related like a marathon or health-related like a juice cleanse or an alcohol-free month. I had never given up sugar, and having eaten chocolate every day, carefree, for my whole life, it seemed like the perfect challenge. The big question that popped into my head was whether or not I could actually do it.

But you did it! Very impressive. Can you tell us a bit about how you prepared for what must have been quite a tough month?

I just put my mind to it and went! It helped that I did it together with my boyfriend; having a buddy is a good move for everyone. That way, you can call each other up when you’re having a tough moment and stay strong.

That makes total sense. That way you’re accountable to someone other than yourself. So, did you get rid of all sugars or allow natural sweeteners like maple syrup and honey?

I got rid of all added sugars except for those found in whole foods and products with a minimal amount (less than 3g per 100g), like bread or fruit.

Sounds pretty strict. How was the experience for you? Difficult? Easy? What was the hardest part?

My overall experience was very positive. Giving up sugar helped me think creatively to find alternatives. There were some difficult moments, of course. When my niece Pixie turned 1 and everyone was eating red velvet cake, that was incredibly difficult, as I love red velvet cake.

So you still got to treat yourself it sounds like. Did you notice any mental changes?

The biggest change for me now that I’ve completed the challenge is that I make better, more considered choices. I used to love any chocolate bar at any time during the day, no matter the brand or quality. Now, I only fancy high quality chocolate or cakes. If it’s not great, it isn’t worth it for me anymore.

And how about physical changes?

Yes, I lost 3.5 kg!

Wow! We might need to go sugar-free too… During this process, did you eliminate any other nutritional baddies? Or just the sugar?

The nice thing was that we actually allowed ourselves to eat everything we wanted, apart from sugar. I could still eat cheese and bread and have a glass of wine.

Doesn’t sound too terrible after all. Do you think you’ll continue to go sugar-free or keep your consumption low?

I definitely want to continue only having sugar when it’s really worth it.

Now that is dedication. So we’re guessing you’d do it again?

I can see myself doing this every January. It’s a great opportunity to reduce your sugar dependency post-Christmas and start the New Year happy and healthy.

We could certainly get on board with that. So, last thing, for those of us who haven’t done it yet, we’d love to hear what a typical sugar-free day’s meals look like. Give us some inspiration!

Breakfast: Yoghurt with pear, walnuts and a dash of cinnamon

Lunch: Any salad!

Snack: Crackers with bananas

Dinner: homemade sweet potato soup with a slice of bread

After dinner snack: Nuts and a tiny handful of dried fruit


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